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Operational Efficiency & Cost Management

Operational Efficiency & Cost Management (OECM) is a program that aims to help airlines identify and develop cost-efficient solutions, improve their overall operational cost structure, and maintain or improve service performance levels.

Customized services

OECM provides a wide range of customized services to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

KPIs and benchmark analysis

CM presents airlines with a variety of KPIs to monitor financial and operational performance, and identify areas where adjustments are needed to achieve objectives. Through this, arlines will become familiar with the necessary skills to manage their cost efficiently.

Based on our unique and standardized operational cost data collection, we can provide airlines with benchmark and industry trend analysis.

Guidance material and training

A variety of manuals are available to further develop your knowledge and understanding of key areas related to airline operations.

IATA’s Training and Development Institute (ITDI), offers a variety of certificate courses, and diploma programs, related to OECM. Courses are offered in a classroom environment and online. Get more information on training courses

Workshops & conferences

OECM workshops are a comprehensive and interactive platform for airline staff to improve their understanding of operational efficiency and cost management in the areas of Flight Operations, Technical Operations, Ground Operations, Operations Control Centre (OCC), and Operations Planning. Regional workshops are scheduled around the world; customized workshops available upon request.

IATA's cost management related conferences provide the best opportunities for airlines to learn more about the latest industry trends, participate in open discussions about dominant issues within the industry, and build a stronger professional network.

On-site assessments & implementation assistance

OECM on-site assessments assist airlines in identifying, quantifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement and reducing operational costs. The assessment is conducted through the analysis of the airline’s data, interviews with key personnel and observation of the operation (i.e. ramp, hangar and in-flight) as required. Upon request, IATA can provide assistance in implementing the recommended changes.

Scope of OECM program

  • Flight operations
  • Technical operations (including supply chain, inventory management and aircraft leasing)
  • Ground operations
  • Operations control center (OCC) and dispatch
  • Operations planning

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