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Green Teams

The IATA Green Teams were created to implement best practices in fuel efficiency within airlines. Moreover, the Green Teams perform on-site evaluations of requested member and non-member airline operations.

Their objective is to identify and evaluate potential fuel efficiency and emissions reduction initiatives. The Green Team then provides an assessment based on the team's expertise and experience gained from visits performed throughout the global airline industry. 

Fuel Efficiency Gap Analysis Report

Using the data provided by the airlines, the Green Team generates a Fuel Efficiency Gap Analysis Report, which highlights the airline operational inefficiencies and recommended solutions to overcome them. The report usually focuses on the following airline operations:

  • Flight planning, dispatch and operational control
  • Flight Operations
  • Maintenance and engineering
  • Ground Operations
  • In-flight commercial activities

Fuel Program Implementation

As an additional step to the Fuel Efficiency Gap Analysis, IATA provides effective support to airlines implementing the reported recommendations and best practices.  These potential savings could account between 1% and 15% of the airline annual fuel budget.  Please contact IATA Consulting for more information.


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