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IATA’s Tactical Operations Portal (ITOP)

IATA’s Tactical Operations Portal (ITOP) is a web platform that provides support to the IATA Liaison Desk at the FAA Command Center and a gateway to collaborative air traffic management in the US .

ITOP provides airlines with the ability to distinguish same-day air traffic constraints and the option to have their real-time operational issues addressed by an IATA specialist, real-time.

An extension of airlines' operations center

Airlines have access to critical information regarding the FAA’s air traffic strategic and tactical daily plans, and the benefit of receiving expert air traffic management support and vital information concerning the US National Airspace (NAS) – all on a single, live, collaborative portal.

ITOP is linked to PASSUR’s Airport Information Network™ (AIN), which provides airlines real-time access to the North American airline and airport community with online communication, messaging and alerting – information and content designed specifically for international carriers operating in North America.

Join ITOP now

All member airlines operating flights within, from or to the US can have access to ITOP. The service is free of charge.

To get access to ITOP, contact our team at:  ITOP@iata.org or use the registration form from www.faa-liaison.iata.org

For more information on ITOP, please contact any of our IATA liaisons at  FAA-liaison@IATA.org ​​

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