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Paperless Aircraft Operations

​Paperless Aircraft Operations (PAO) is an IATA initiative, implemented through Simplifying the Business​. It supports airlines in identifying areas and solutions for a more efficient aircraft operation in all aspects that involve technical operations.

These operations include aircraft maintenance activity, parts supply chain and logistics, as well as the transfer of aircraft assets. ​

PAO vision and mission

Taking-off into the second hundred years of commercial flight, airlines must embrace the paperless operation standards of an ever increasing fleet performance delivered by e-enabled aircraft. The vision is to explore efficiencies and provide implementation guidelines to airlines in the area of technical operations.

With innovative technologies and improved processes, the aircraft should be able to “talk” to the operator about its history, airworthiness, technical condition and costs. Proficiency in this e-enabled language is the essential competitive advantage in building the airlines’ future.

PAO implementation

The series of airline technical operations’ benefits brought by the transition to paperless operations were assessed both in terms of their potential impact and their immediacy. This generated a series of priority projects which IATA initiated or actively embarked on in the fields listed below (please note: the listing order is not intended to suggest any priority ranking of the areas included): 

  • Auto-ID / RFID aircraft parts tracking 
  • Digital signature in technical operations 
  • Electronic support of airworthiness compliance
  • Electronic maintenance record keeping
  • Electronic aircraft lease transfers
  • IATA standardized maintenance agreements
  • Aircraft leasing best practices for delivery / re-delivery and maintenance reserves
  • Electronic regulatory documents (XML FAA 8130-3 / EASA Form 1 / TCCA Form 1 and other)


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