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IATA introduces a transition into a new complex long-term baggage program IATA InBag, taking off in January 2013, which aims not only to target current 1% of worldwide mishandled baggage but also to improve efficiency of handling other 99% of bags, as well as to introduce baggage as a product.

Whereas IATA's Baggage Improvement Program (BIP) visited airports and made specific recommendations from 2007 to 2012, the InBag program focuses on generic problems that the entire industry should address.

InBag brings baggage to the reality of the the always-connected passenger enabling airlines to meet passenger expectations of greater control and access to information. Baggage processes are not as efficient as they could be, and they are also not hassle free, for the passenger, airport or airline. This is due to a combination of regulatory constraints, long established practices, outdated message infrastructure and difficulties for airlines and other stakeholders to develop new and innovative systems.

IATA’s aim is to enable airlines to better position themselves by simplifying processes and increasing passenger convenience while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

The targets

Building on the improvements gained during BIP, the InBag Program is composed of three streams addressing the current industry needs in the area of baggage:

  • Reduce current 1% of worldwide mishandled bags down to 0,5%
  • Improve efficiency in the 5 key baggage areas (check-in, security, manual handling, arrivals, transfers) by 20%   
  • Enable innovation. “Baggage as a product”: introduce modern standards for baggage that will enable access to information, facilitate action and innovation and also enable comparison of baggage performance between airlines and at airports

Project materials

Join InBag now!

The program is being delivered by the IATA Baggage Services team in cooperation and with full support of the Baggage Steering Group, the Baggage Working Group and other industry partners.

We are looking forward to working with airlines, airports, ground handlers, security and customs agencies and authorities, system providers and other industry partners to make tomorrow’s baggage world better, simpler and more efficient…

For more information, please contact:  inbag@iata.org

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