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Fuel Action Campaign

To assist airlines mitigating the impact of rising fuel prices, IATA has launched the Fuel Action Campaign to supplement its existing fuel activities.

IATA is working with industry partners worldwide to increase the industry's fuel efficiency and reduce associated environmental emissions. In addition, we are working with individual airlines to ensure they have a robust internal "fuel conservation program" in place.

Opening of new, more direct routes, realignment of inefficient routes and improved ground traffic flows can reduce industry costs by $2.5 billion per year.

Airlines individual efforts to improve their own operating efficiencies can yield significant savings. Each 1% improvement in fuel efficiency across the industry can lower fuel bill by around $700 million per year.

Greater priority is being given to ongoing initiatives to increase competition among fuel suppliers at local levels and to challenge unreasonable and potentially illegal duties, fees and taxes where they exist.

To simplify the business, IATA is working with airlines and industry partners to establish and adopt industry data standards.

Some of the support provided by IATA to the airlines as part of the Fuel Action Campaign includes:

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