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Fast Travel Program

The Fast Travel program addresses the future of travel, with more choice and more control for ​passengers, and lower costs for the industry.

Fast Travel provides self-service options in six areas of a passengers’ airport journey - representing annual savings of up to US$ 2.1 billion for the industry. By creating uniform standards and recommended practices, IATA will facilitate industry adoption of these projects – and a better travel experience for the customer. 

Sign up for the Fast Travel matchmaker the platform for airline and airport cooperation for Fast Travel implementations.​

Fast Travel Global Implementation Target 2020

  • Current: 44.54% (Jan 2018)
  • IATA Board Target for 2020: 80%

By 2020, 80% of global passengers will be offered a complete range of relevant Self-Service options throughout their journey to provide better convenience and reduce queues.​

IATA Fast Travel Awards

IATA recognizes carriers that offer four or more Fast Travel compliant solutions to at least 80% of their passengers with a Fast Travel Platinum Award.

​​Top Fast Travel Platinum Airlines (January 2018)

Al codeAirline% of passengers offered with fast travel 
AS Alaska Airlines96.19%
​LHDeutsche Lufthansa AG​95.98%
​LX Swiss International Air Lines​95.10%
​NZ  Air New Zealand​91.62%
SK Scandinavian Airlines Systems    89.01%
HA Hawaiian Airlines Inc. 88.92%
LALATAM Airlines Group S.A.  ​87.78%
QR Qatar Airways Co.86.58%
G3Gol Transportes Areos Ltda.​84.61%
AAAmerican Airlines​84.35%
​SVSaudi Arabian Airlines Corporation​83.89%
​AC​Air Canada​82.98%
​OS​Austrian Airlines AG​81.22%
​TFBraathens Regional Aviation AB​80.74%

​​Fast Travel self-service areas

See the regulatory approval status for Mobile Boarding Passes, Home Printed Bag Tags and Electronic Bag Tags on the Fast Travel Map.


​Allowing passengers to perform ​their check-in transaction and to ​receive their boarding pass via self-service channels (online, kiosk, mobile or automated), avoiding long lines at check-in desks and offering more control.​

Bags ready-to-go

Enabling passengers to print and attach their bag tags themselves and offer a dedicated touch point for baggage acceptance only​.

​​Document Check

​Enabling passengers to capture their travel document data (e.g. passport, visa, ID cards, driving licences etc.) and automatically verify that the travel document(s) data is sufficient to comply with the destination and transit requirements​.​​​​​​​​​​

Flight re-booking

​In case of disruption (cancelation or delay), the airline pro-actively re-books passengers and offers new booking options or a new boarding token via a self-service channel (kiosk/online/mobile).​


Providing automated boarding gates for passengers, like in a t​rain or metro station, reducing boarding lines​.

​Bag recovery

Enabling passengers to report a missing bag through a self-service channel instead of waiting in line at a baggage service counter.

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