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e-Tariffs was an online solution allowing the aviation industry to maintain and develop multilateral interline fares and rules for systems and consumers worldwide.

It provided airline pricing experts with the tools to submit their proposals for changes, and vote on fares packages, directly from their desks.

Discontinuation of YY Fares and e-Tariffs platform

With the decision to discontinue the production of IATA YY fares as from 1 November 2018, the last three planned 2018 e-Tariffs meetings have concluded on the 6th of April 2018.

After this date, no more e-Tariffs sessions have taken place. For members registered on the platform, access is still possible until the 31st of July 2018 to download the minutes of the past sessions. After 31st of July 2018, the platform will be closed.

For more information on the discontinuation of Flex Fares, please contact IATA Airline Distribution Standards at: tariffs@iata.org.


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