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Passenger Tariffs

IATA supports key passenger tariffs functions across the airline industry's revenue chain. From pricing and revenue management to distribution and settlement, IATA shares knowledge and expertise with airlines through a range of products, services and events.

Multilateral Interline System

The multilateral interline system provides interline fares to the world, connecting offline points with the convenience of one booking - one ticket - one currency in one transaction. IATA strives to enhance the efficiency of multilateral interline tariffs. 

Find out how you can benefit from the multilateral interline system.

Tariff Products

A variety of tariff products are designed for airline market planning, pricing, revenue management, ticketing and revenue accounting tasks. Whatever the requirements, you can count on IATA to provide you with access to the latest tools and information to get the job done. 

Consulting / Knowledge Validation

Extensive in-house expertise has been combined with a worldwide network of suppliers and experts to create a unique industry resource. You can benefit from the knowledge and experience of a global team of specialists. 

Learn more about consulting, knowledge validation and how you can benefit from the unbiased analysis and advice of IATA consultants.

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