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Security Report Form

This form is meant to help you structure your reporting of aviation security incidents that took place in the air or on the ground. It is using a harmonized taxonomy (pdf) developed by IATA Security Working Group. Once you have submitted the incident, you will receive a copy of your submission in a PDF format, which you can share further. Please note that IATA is not keeping this data. For support filling this form, please follow this user guide (pdf)

Security report form
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IATA developed this form to generate standardized security incidents reports. IATA is not processing the data provided by the Users in any other way than to generate a standardized report sent to User’s e-mail only. The User accepts that any access to or use of this form shall take place under his/her own responsibility. 

This form is otherwise subject to the global privacy policy and terms of use applicable to the entire IATA website.

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