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Bar-Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP)

The BCBP project launched in 2005 successfully closed end 2010 when reaching the Board target of 95% global BCBP capability. This is considered to meet the vision of 100% BCBP implementation in IATA member airlines.

Looking into the future IATA will continue to work with the industry to facilitate mobile BCBP usage to enhance passenger’s travel experience. BCBP also facilitates other initiatives related to passenger self-service options, like the five Fast Travel projects. 

BCBP in brief

Bar Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP) use IATA industry standard 2D bar codes. Because they can be accessed from anywhere - even a mobile phone - they offer more convenience for the passenger. Because they don't need to be printed on expensive paper stock and facilitate off-airport check-in, they save the industry up to US$1.5 billion every year. 

Materials & Tools

“Along with cost savings, the most positive result of ET and BCBP has been more direct relations with our customers. Customers want to know exactly what is going on, to be more in control of their journey and to avoid the hassles of airport queues.” (Fernando Conte, CEO, Iberia)


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