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Baggage Improvement Program (BIP)


IATA’s Baggage Improvement Program (BIP), which was running since 2007 till 2012, was envisioned to address the issue of baggage mishandling.

BIP has contributed to a success of reducing the global rate of mishandled bags from 18.96/1000 to 8.99/1000, which represents a reduction of more than 50%.

More than 86 one to one airport visits and 138 Self-help diagnosis have been delivered to address individual airport issues in the following five areas: people, processes, systems, information and identification. BIP helped to find out individual airports’ issues, as well as some underlying problems in the whole baggage industry. But there is still a long way for the industry to go…

While the Self-help diagnosis materials still remain available for any interested industry players (contact us on baggageservices@iata.org), IATA introduced a transition into a new complex baggage quality orientated program “InBag”, which took off in January 2013.
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