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Aircraft Recovery Task Force (ARTF)

The Aircraft Recovery Task Force (ARTF) assists the Engineering and Maintenance Group (EMG) in addressing aircraft recovery requirements for new larger aircrafts. The EMG provides guidance to the ARTF and maintains oversight of its activities through the approval and review of its work programme. The ARTF can bring forward to the EMG new subjects, not on the work programme, that need immediate attention. 

Areas of Activity

  • Work with Original Engine Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop practical and safe aircraft recovery procedures to minimize secondary damage to the aircraft structure and to minimize exposure to health and safety risks
  • Work with equipment manufacturers and make recommendations for the development of new recovery tools
  • Recommend updates for ICAO Airport Services Manual (Doc 9137) - Part 5: Removal of Disabled Aircraft
  • Increase awareness of economic and operational impact of aircraft recovery

Composition and Meetings

The ARTF is open to IATA member airlines, Strategic Partners, Non-IATA airlines and Industry Stakeholders (OEMs). The number of participants is limited to 40 and they meet once a year.

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