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Airport Services Committee (ASC)

The Airport Services Committee (ASC) develops and maintains standards and procedures for the handling of passengers and baggage at airports, including all forms and regulations.

The commitee provides overall policy direction and general management for all of IATA's airport services activities including the financial performance of its products and services. The ASC is also active in the development of industry procedures for passenger and baggage security as well as departure control and message standards.


Airline membership consists of multi-disciplinary experts in passenger and baggage service, departure control systems (DCS), and many ground handling activities.

  • Participation in ASC activities is open to all IATA carriers
  • Membership on the ASC shall be by IATA Member airline, not individual
  • The positions on the ASC shall be filled by nomination

Submit your nomination 

The committee is currently open for nominations. Should your airline like to submit a nomination for the ASC, please contact Andrew Price, Head of Airline Operations Management.


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