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Baggage Working Group (BWG)

The Baggage Working Group (BWG) was established by the Airport Services Committee (ASC) to review and develop recommendations into a form that can be adopted by the ASC and eventually by the Passenger Services Conference (PSC) as recommended practices or resolutions.
The majority of these changes occur from examination of Recommended Practice (RP) 1745, RP 1800 and other related recommended practices such as RP 1740C that address Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and its technological requirements.


  • Review the IATA Baggage Messages contained in RP 1745
  • Review and update radio frequency specifications for baggage handling, published as IATA RP 1740c/ATA 30.39
  • Review the baggage process RP 1800 and lead the industry in baggage innovation
  • Define objectives and criteria for testing of Radio Frequency Baggage Identification Systems

Composition and Meetings

The BWG is open to all IATA Member Airlines, members of Airlines for America (A4A) , members of Airport Council International (ACI) and participants to the IATA Strategic Partnership Program with an interest in Baggage Management and related issues. The number of participants is not restricted. The group meets 2 to 3 times per year and has conference calls as needed.


Baggage XML Sub-Working Group (BXSG)
Electronic Baggage Tag Sub-Working Group (EBT)
Prorates Sub-Group
Tracking and Tracing Sub-Working Group
For more details on these sub-working groups, please refer to the following document: IATA baggage sub-groups (pdf)

Baggage Transfer Message (BTM) contact list

If you need to know who to talk to at an airline about baggage messaging, please look at the BTM Contact List on the BWG private site. If you are already a member of the private site, please login as an external user or else request access. For corrections and updates, please contact us at baggageservices@iata.org.

Baggage Steering Group (BSG)

The Baggage Steering Group (BSG) sets the agenda and work items for the BWG to undertake during the forthcoming year. The BSG is comprised of industry leaders, who set the vision for the future of baggage handling and is complemented by the BWG, who provide in depth technical knowledge. For more information about the BSG and its Terms of Reference, please see the BSG - Fact Sheet (pdf).

Baggage Strategic Partners

The IATA Strategic Partnerships Program is a platform for aviation solution providers to build as well as strengthen relationships with key industry stakeholders. Through their participation in various IATA work groups, Strategic Partners gain a unique insight into airlines’ priorities and have the opportunity to be recognized for working together with IATA in serving the air transport industry.
The IATA Baggage Strategic Partners Program will focus on baggage processes and quality, innovation in baggage products such as tracking and electronic receipts as well as Radio Frequency Identification Device Technology (RFID). Being an IATA Baggage Strategic Partner provides the following benefits:
  • Be part of the discussions to establish RFID standards in the Passenger and Inflight areas
  • Assist in the development of airline industry RFID standards
  • Be recognized as a valuable RFID player in the air transport industry

Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry

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