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Work Group Calendar

​This calendar shows working groups meetings with participation open to to Strategic Partners. For information on meetings of groups with restricted membership, please contact the working group administrator directly.

September - 2019

18-19Common UseCommon Use Working Group (CUWG)Montreal, Canada
23-24Industry Payment Fraud PreventionGlobal Fraud EventMiami, USA
23-24Industry TaxationIATA Annual Industry Taxation MeetingMiami, USA
24-26Baggage ServicesBaggage Working Group (BWG)Frankfurt, Germany
26-27ONE RecordONE Record Task ForceGeneva, Switzerland

October - 2019

1-3Shop OrderOffer SubGroupsGeneva, Switzerland
1-2MeteorologicalFlight Operations Support Task Force (FOSTF)Singapore
1-2Shop OrderIntermodal GroupGeneva, Switzerland
3-4Shop OrderIntegration GroupGeneva, Switzerland
7-8Passenger ExperiencePNRGOV 20 MeetingGeneva, Switzerland
8-10Special CargoDangerous Goods Training Working Group (DGTWG)Geneva, Switzerland
8-10Special CargoLive Animals and Perishables Board (LAPB43)Singapore
8-10Special CargoTime and Temperature Working Group (TTWG24)Singapore
9-10Passenger ExperiencePAXLST 05 MeetingGeneva, Switzerland
15-17Pay AccountBDISG Singapore, Singapore
23-24Unit Load DevicesULD BoardMontreal, Canada
14-Passenger Standards Conference
Global Airport & Passenger Symposium
Warsaw, Poland

November - 2019

12-14Fuel ServicesIATA Aviation Fuel ForumNew Orleans, USA
12Shop OrderOffer GroupMontreal, QC, Canada
12Shop OrderOrder GroupMontreal, QC, Canada
12Architecture & TechnologyChange Management And AIDM Integration Group (CMIG 03)Geneva, Switzerland
13-15Shop OrderOffer SubGroupsMontreal, QC, Canada
13-15Shop OrderOrder SubGroupsMontreal, QC, Canada
13-14ONE RecordONE Record Task ForceGeneva, Switzerland
13Architecture & TechnologyMethodology Group (MG 03)Geneva, Switzerland
14Architecture & TechnologyTechnology and Architecture Group (TAG 03)Geneva, Switzerland
15Pay AccountPASB Advisory ForumMadrid, Spain
15Architecture & TechnologyOpen Air Group (OAG 06)Geneva, Switzerland
18-19Plan StandardsMinimum Connecting Times GroupMontreal, Canada
18-21Passenger ExperiencePassenger Experience Management Group (PEMG20) Bangalore, India
28Industry Payment Fraud PreventionIATA Fraud Prevention Strategic BriefingGeneva, Switzerland

December - 2019

3-5Common UseCommon Use Working Group (CUWG)Madrid, Spain

February - 2020

5Shop OrderShop Order Standards Advisory ForumSingapore, Singapore
6Shop OrderShop Order Standards BoardSingapore, Singapore

March - 2020

12-14Special CargoDangerous Goods Board (DGB/116)Istanbul, Turkey

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