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Cargo Agency Modernization Program

The objective of the Cargo Agency Modernization Program is to reengineer the Cargo Agency Program to ensure it meets the needs of today’s air cargo community, ensuring mutual benefits for airline and forwarders alike. 



The March 2015 Cargo Agency Conference (CAConf) endorsed the IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program (IFACP), reflecting a more modern business and updated airline-forwarder relationship, intended to replace the current IATA Cargo Agency/Intermediary Programs.

Since the adoption of the IFACP package; including new resolutions and new governance  (via an IATA-FIATA Governance Board (IFGB) and Regional Joint Councils), FIATA and IATA have been working together, via CAMP-Working Group, to finalize details of the IFACP rules and cooperation agreement. 


  • Simplifying the Governance Structure reduces the administrative requirement to manage the program
  • Given that >80% of transactions are performed by Freight Forwarders acting as principals, the proposed IATA- FIATA Air Cargo program better clarifies and validates the business through a buyer/seller relationship
  • Potential to achieve key industry goals  including e-cargo priorities by establishing a joint IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program
  • Addressing properly the Principal-to-Principal relationship between Freight Forwarders and Airlines will help to diminish liability issues and reduce the risk of legal challenge going forward

CAMP Value Proposition (pdf)


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