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Cargo Operations and Technology Board (COTB)

The primary objective of the COTB is to develop and maintain standards for operations, technology, procedures, documentation and flow of information relating to the air cargo business. 


  • Technical standard and procedures for the correct completion of the air waybill
  • Standards for the application of automatic identification technology (including bar coding, imaging, RFID, wireless technologies)
  • Technical and procedural standards for Cargo XML
  • Standards for other documents, procedures and processes supporting the air cargo business such as Piece Level Tracking, e-AWB, and the Digital Cargo Strategy
  • Guidance and assistance to non-airline participants in the air cargo business
  • Liaise with industry & regulatory bodies on matters such as the Master Operating Plan
  • Ensure the delegated CSC Resolutions and Recommended Practices align to industry requirements


Face-to-face meetings are held only when necessary. Tasks are completed using electronic means and/or conference calls as much as possible.


COTB consists of up to 12 members appointed by the Cargo Services Conference (CSC), each being an expert in cargo procedures and/or automation.



COTB has the following subgroups:

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