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Cargo XML Task Force (CXMLTF)


The primary objective of the Cargo XML Task Force is to provide recommendations to the Cargo Business Processes Panel (CBPP) on XML requirements for transportation messages. The Task Force is also responsible for the maintenance of the standards and to oversee the technical development of these XML messages, which will be based as much as possible on existing messages (e.g. CIMP. IFTMIN) and international standards (i.e. UN/CEFACT Core Components and XML Naming and Design Rules).


CXMLTF consists of 25 members from the air cargo supply chain including airlines, shippers, freight forwarders, ground handlers, customs brokers, international organizations, and service providers (as observers).

CXMLTF Terms of Reference (pdf)

Cargo-XML Message Standards

The following message standards have been adopted by the industry:

Transport messages Acronym
XML Waybill XFWB
 XML House Waybill XFZB
 XML House Manifest  XFHL
 XML Flight Manifest  XFFM
 XML Freight Booked List  XFBL
 XML Status Message  XFSU
 XML Response Message  XFNM
 XML Booking Message  XFFR
XML Generic Request Message XGRQ
XML Custom Status Notification XCSN
XML Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods XSDG
 Commercial Messages  Acronym
 XML Invoice   XINV
 XML Packing List  XPCL
 XML Certificate of Origin  XCOO
XML Shippers Letter of Instruction  XSLI

These message standards are available in the new IATA Cargo-XML Message Manual and Toolkit.

IATA Cargo-XML Message Manual and Toolkit - New!

The Cargo-XML Manual and Toolkit 1st edition is now available for the industry!

IATA’s Cargo-XML Manual and Toolkit provides standards for the electronic exchange of information in for the air cargo industry. This The toolkit is used by technical experts developing open and flexible XML applications for automating electronic transactions or messages.

Prominent features include: 

    • Cargo-XML Messages Specification and Schema for 14 Cargo-XML messages
    • An interactive client application with auto update functionality within a given edition
    • Business Rules
    • Mapping with CIMP
    • User Capabilities
    • FAQs
    • Supporting documents
    • The  IATA Cargo-IMP manual 31st Edition
    • A support section and access to IATA experts



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