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Ground Operations Group (GOG)

The Ground Operations Group (GOG) was established by the Operations Committee (OPC) undertakes responsibility for the strategic direction on development and implementation of Ground Operations standards with aim to, amongst others, reduce ground damages and injuries as well as the improvement of operational efficiencies.


 GOG has the responsibility to review and approve  the Airport Handling Manual (AHM), IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM), Load Control XML Toolkit as well other related ground operations standards and procedures. GOG  manages various Ground Operations Technical Sub Groups developing the ground operations standards and provides them with the strategic directions and inputs into their workplans. 

Composition and Meetings

The GHC consists of 6 IGHC (IATA Ground Handling Conference) Officers, 5 Task-Forces Chairmen and 5 Vice-Chairmen. The GHC meets at least once a year. 

The GHC coordinates the work of five Ground Operations Technical Sub Groups:

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Those wishing to participate in GOG 
contribute to the GHC Task Forces can either join the IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC), contact: ighc@iata.org, or the IATA's Strategic Partnership Program, contact: partnership@iata.org  

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