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Ground Handling Council Working Group (GHC)

The Ground Handling Council (GHC) was established by the Operations Committee (OPC) to provide expertise on ground operations for all matters that relate to safe and efficient ground operations and to indicate how to implement those measures in a rational, co-coordinated and cost effective manner.

Industry Agenda

The GHC Industry Agenda (pdf) shall ensure that the IATA ground operations activities support the overarching objectives of a continued safe and profitable development of commercial civil aviation. This is accomplished by confirming that any industry practices, programs, initiatives and tools are aligned both between themselves as well as with the goal of safe and efficient ground operations that are applied uniformly by all industry representatives.

The industry agenda focuses on four pillars:

  1. Safe flight and safe ground operations
  2. Operational efficiency and quality service delivery
  3. Open, effective market 
  4. Industry sustainability


The GHC is responsible for the updating and implementation of the GHC Industry Agenda as well as for the interfaces with all programs, initiatives and IATA internal and external groups with a link to ground operations. GHC reviews and maintains the Airport Handling Manual (AHM) and IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) and ensures that these are relevant to the ground operations industry. For more information, please go to the Ground Operations Industry Activities.

Ground Operations Task Forces

GHC coordinates work of five task forces:

  1. Aviation Ground Service Agreement Task Force (AGSA)
  2. Airside Safety Group Task Force (ASG)
  3. Ground Support Equipment and Environmental Management Task Force (GSEE)
  4. IATA Ground Operations Manual Task Force (IGOM)
  5. Load Control and Aircraft Messaging Task Force (LCAM)

Those wishing to contribute to the Ground Operations Task Forces are most welcome to join the IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC) or IATA's Strategic Partnership . Please contact IATA at ighc@iata.org for more details.

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