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Industry Affairs Committee

Industry Affairs Committee

The Industry Affairs Committee (IAC) advises the Board of Governors, the Director General and other IATA bodies on aero-political matters affecting international passenger air transport. 

It assists IATA in prioritizing policy issues, developing industry policies and positions, supervising policy implementation and promoting policy campaigning. 

How it works

The Committee meets twice each year, usually around March and September. Agendas are limited to issues of global importance to the airline industry and where there is potential to take action. Decisions are acted upon by IATA management with support from the IAC members.

IAC Members 

The IAC comprises 20 members appointed by the IATA Director General and approved by the IATA Board of Governors. Membership of the committee is terminated if a member fails to attend two consecutive meetings without adequate reason. Representatives of IATA Member airlines who are not members of the committee are able to attend as observers by prior arrangement.

Private site 

The private site provides a forum for information exchange and discussion for IAC Members and for all representatives of IATA Members that work in the regulatory/industry affairs field. 

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