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IATA Currency Coordination Working Group (ICWG)

At it's 87th Meeting, the IATA Financial Committee identified Currency Coordination as a priority activity. The 88th Meeting of the Committee therefore approved the re-instatement of the IATA Currency Panel (ICP), which was renamed the IATA Currency Coordination Working Group (ICWG) in August 2005.

The ICWG consists of 10 participating members from IATA Member Airlines and meets when necessary to formulate industry responses to the regulatory and currency repatriation problems affecting the Members.  

The most recent ICWG meeting, open to all IATA airline representatives, took place on November 7th 2012 in Barcelona as a separate session of the IATA Treausry Conference. The next ICWG Meeting will be held as soon as the preliminary results from the RFB (Remittance of Foreign Balances) Survey for 2012 sales are gathered, most likely in March 2013.

For more information or reports on ICWG activities, please log into the ICWG site by clicking Login (external users) or Registration (external users) on the right hand menu.


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