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Industry Accounting Working Group

The Industry Accounting Working Group is comprised of representatives of IATA member airlines and meets twice a year. It contributes to the development of high-quality accounting standards and uniform accounting policies within the airline industry. It also provides technical advice and guidance to IATA member airlines on new accounting standards.​

Airlines Disclosure Guides (ADGs)

The Industry Accounting Working Group has partnered with KPMG to develop a series of Airline Disclosure Guides (ADGs) covering the latest accounting practices, principally from airlines reporting under IFRS or its equivalents, to highlight key issues, judgments and disclosures made by airlines. Theese guidelines are designed to help in the development and analysis of airlines’ annual reports. 
The four guides cover:
  • Hedging
  • Maintenance accounting
  • Aircraft acquisition cost and depreciation
  • Segment reporting

IAWG Accounting Guides

These guidance documents were compiled by the IATA Industry Accounting Working Group (IAWG) in association with advisors from international accounting firms. They cover specific issues that the IAWG believe may cause diversity in practice. They are not prescriptive and simply provide a means to share the views of a group of accounting professionals within the airline industry on the specific topics addressed.​​

IFRS 9, Hedging

IFRS 15, Revenue from Contracts with Customers

The individual papers shown below have been compiled into a single document (pdf) that will be updated periodically to add new topics or revise existing guidance.

  • Accounting for Airline's Brand and Customer Lists
  • Accounting for Contract Costs - Commissions and Selling Costs
  • Accounting for Passenger Taxes & Related Fees
  • Ancillary Services
  • Change Fees
  • Changes in the Volume of Miles within a Co-branded Credit Card Arrangement
  • Estimating Stand-alone Selling Price of Loyalty Credits in Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Interline Cargo Transactions
  • Interline Transactions – Identifying Performance Obligations for Air Travel
  • Interline Transactions – Loyalty Redemptions – Principal or Agent
  • Passenger Ticket Breakage and Accounting for Travel Vouchers
  • Revenue from Maintenance Services
  • Tier Status Benefits

IFRS 16, Leases

The individual papers shown below will be compiled into a single document that will be updated periodically to add new topics or revise existing guidance.

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