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Piece Level Tracking Task Force (PLTTF)

Subgroup of the Cargo Operations and Technology Board (COTB), the Piece Level Tracking Task Force (PLTTF) provides recommendations on business processes and requirements to track individual pieces in air cargo operations. 


This group was first established in 2014 as an airline-only task force which has been extended to all air cargo supply chain stakeholders in 2016 with the primary objective to develop a recommended practice on Piece Level Tracking along with supporting materials. 


The PLTTF provides recommendations to the COTB on the:
  • Long-term vision, from track and trace to real-time interaction
  • Industrywide expectations and needs
  • Standard for piece identification, tracking, and monitoring
  • Description of business processes and procedures, including the interline scenario 
  • Potential tracking technologies (e.g. barcodes, RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, 5G, dedicated IoT networks, etc.)
  • Communication protocols (e.g. electronic messaging, data processing systems)

Membership and Meetings 

In addition to the 20 elected members from the air cargo supply chain including airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, associations and interest groups; the PLTTF counts many Strategic Partners, observers that are regularly consulted and kept informed about progress. 

The membership is appointed by the COTB based upon nominations received by the Cargo Services Conference (CSC). 

The PLTTF holds bi-monthly conference calls and when required, face-to-face meetings.

PLTTF Terms of Reference (pdf)

Contact: Nadia Belkebir
Project Manager, Interactive Cargo, IATA 



Recommended Practice on Piece Level Tracking (PLT) voted by the Cargo Services Conference (CSC/40 - March 2018)

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