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Security Group (SEG)

The Security Group (SEG) acts as advisor to the Operations Committee (OPC), lATA management and other relevant lATA bodies on all matters that relate to aviation security and facilitation. The SEG incorporates five underlying pillars in its work:
  • Collaboration with government and industry
  • Threat based, outcome focused approach
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Cost and efficiency
  • Innovation and technology
Key to the SEG’s contributions are recommendations and projects that improve the value proposition for aviation security and facilitation and focus on threat /risk assessments and mitigation in areas such as:
  • Passenger and Cargo Risk Based Screening
  • Data driven security
  • SeMS and Aircraft Operator Security Programs
  • Cyber Security
  • Emerging Threats
  • Crisis Management and operational contingency planning

Composition and Meetings

Participation as a voting member of the SEG is restricted to IATA member airlines only. The number of voting participants is limited to 15 (Heads of Security of IATA member airlines). The SEG meets 3 times a year and has monthly calls.

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Please contact us at aviationsecurity@iata.org. SEG members and observers are welcomed to access the SEG extranet 

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