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Security Group (SEG)

The Security Group (SEG) assists the Operations Committee (OPC) in all matters relating to the optimization of security measures to enable secure and efficient air transport.

It makes recommendations to combat acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation, and to aid in the discovery and prevention of crimes against the airline industry.

The Security Group meets three times per year and holds regular monthly conference calls. Its membership consists of 10 Heads of Security of IATA member airlines.

Membership of the Security Group

Effective 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2017


  • Steve Jackson, Group Head of Security, Facilitation & Resilience, Qantas (Chair)
  • Laura Logan, Director, Security Systems and Regulatory, Air Canada (Vice-Chair)
  • Ben Swagerman, Senior Vice-President, Security Services, KLM  
  • Brian Johnson, Vice-President, Group Security, Qatar Airways
  • Eduardo Reyes Lopez, Director, Corporate Security, Aeromexico
  • Kaarlo Karvonen, Head of Security, Finnair
  • Matthew Vaughan, Head of Security, Etihad Airways
  • Paul Arnold, Director, Aviation Security, UPS Airlines
  • Richard C. Davis, Managing Director, Corporate Security, United Airlines
  • Tony Blackiston, Head, Corporate Security, Cathay Pacific


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