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Once a carrier is an Active Member of IATA it may elect within 30 days of joining IATA to become a participant in Tariff Coordination - either for Passenger, Cargo or for both. A carrier may also elect at a later stage to become a participant in Tariff Coordination by contacting IATA Passenger Tariffs and completing the relevant forms. 

Joining Tariff Coordination:

Step 1: Make the decision
IATA can facilitate your decision-making process by providing material to help you identify the benefits for your company. There are no fees charged to you to participate in the Tariff Coordination process, however, subscription to IATA Online Library, the source of Tariff Coordination documentations, is highly recommended.

Step 2 : Complete the forms required to become a participant of Tariff Coordination
a. Participation in IATA. Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences Cargo Tariff Coordinating Conferences
b. Accreditation of Representative Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences of the International Air Transport Association Cargo Tariff Coordinating Conferences of the International Air Transport Association
c. Appointment of Alternate to Accredited Representative Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences of the International Air Transport Association Cargo Tariff Coordinating Conferences of the International Air Transport Association

Step 3: Participation takes effect
Once the relevant forms have been sent to IATA, participation becomes effective on the first day of the next but one calendar month, in accordance with the Provisions for the Conduct of the IATA Traffic Conferences.

When a carrier joins IATA Tariff Coordination, it becomes an automatic voting member of the Area Conferences where it has Third/Fourth Freedom rights and under certain conditions can choose to vote in other Area Conferences.

All Active Members of IATA receive notice of an airline's election to participate. A list of the members of the Conference and the relevant Sub-areas is included in the agenda of each Conference meeting, distinguishing between voting and non-voting members. In this way, all Active Members are aware of the voting rights of TC participants.

TC participants are entitled to attend meetings and vote at them. They have the right to initiate or change agreements between meetings through the use of Mail Votes and filings, which enable them to keep up with the constant fluctuations of the marketplace.

If a participating airline ceases to operate every service which qualifies it for membership of a Conference or Sub-area, then membership of this Conference or Sub-area ceases at the close of business on 31 December of the year in which the service ceases.

Upon termination of IATA Membership, membership of each Tariff Coordinating Conference shall likewise be terminated.


Attending meetings under Addendum No. 2 to the Provisions for the Conduct of Traffic Conferences

Participation under Addendum No. 2 allows carriers to familiarise themselves with the Conference process, and participate to a certain extent, without committing themselves to full TC participation. If they then decide to commit themselves to full TC participation, they will not need to spend time learning about the Conference process during the first Conferences they attend with voting rights.

There is no fee to be a Carriers participating under Addendum No. 2, however, it is recommended that you subscribe to the IATA Interline Tariffs Subscription.

What does Observership entitle you to?
Carriers can submit items to the agenda of a Conference, and participate in discussions, but they have no voting rights. This state of observance lasts for an entire year - at the end of the year carriers who are observers have the opportunity to become full participants in Tariff Coordination. Participation under Addendum No. 2 cannot be renewed, either at the end of the year or some years later. It is a once-only opportunity. Carriers receive all the documentation that is linked to the meetings they attend (or are entitled to attend).

How do you become an Observer?
Complete the forms for participation under Addendum No. 2, stating the areas you wish to observe and including the name of your company's Accredited Representative. Forms must be signed by your company's Chief Executive.

Participation under Addendum No. 3 to the Provisions for the Conduct of Traffic Conferences

Addendum No. 3 gives carriers who operate, or have applied to operate, between or within countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) the opportunity to attend TC2 Within Europe Conferences and Composite meetings, and to vote on any matters concerning the EEA.

This free of charge option is open to carriers operating between the following countries who are eligible to participate under Addendum No. 3: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Associate Members

Airlines not operating international services may only become Associate Members of IATA, and therefore not full TC participants. They may become a non-voting participant in any Tariff Coordinating Conference, permitting attendance and receiving upon request the documentation provided to voting participants. They are not bound by the agreement reached except for any requirement relating to an announcement, advertising and sales of agreed fares and rates or to any requirement relating to disclosure of information concerning a meeting. Using this provision a carrier operating only domestically would be permitted to attend, for example, the Composite meetings of the Passenger or Cargo Tariff Conferences.


  • Area 1 (PTC1) 
  • Area 2 (PTC2)
  • Area 3 (PTC3)
  • Passenger Tariff Sub Area Conferences (28)

Contact tariffs@iata.org for more details.

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