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Tariff Coordination Passenger Steering Group

The Passenger Steering Group (PSG) is a group of Representatives elected to assist and advise IATA concerning matters related to Tariff Coordination.  It is comprised of individual rather than carriers who have been nominated by any TC Member airline and elected by Member airlines based in the Traffic Conference they will represent.  

PSG meeting frequency
PSG meets at least once every year.  Should circumstances require, Special Meetings are convened to address exceptional issues.

Rules & Regulations
  • The Steering Group, in addition to the IATA Secretariat, shall be comprised of 19 members who shall be individuals elected to represent the conferences with the following geographical distribution:
    • TC1 based  -   4 members (2 from the USA and 2 from the rest of TC1 
    • TC2 based  -  8 members (4 from Europe and 2 each from the Middle East and Africa)
    • TC3 based  -  4 members
  • Should circumstances so dictate, the Membership may be increased by 1 additional Member.  The PSG will determine if such an additional Member is required and shall advise all TC Members accordingly.  Nominations shall be requested and an election held among all TC Members.  The results of the election will be circulated to all TC Members and the elected person shall become a Member of the PSG with immediate effect.
  • Each member shall act as a representative of the Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences
  • Each member shall be appointed for a term of two years commencing at the close of the Composite meeting in which they were elected.  In the event that there is no meeting at which re-election is addressed, such members shall continue to be appointed until an election is held.
  •  If any member of the Steering Group ceases to be actively employed by, or associated with, his TC Member, his membership shall automatically be terminated.
  • The carrier of a Steering Group member shall be compensated for the attendance at Steering Group meetings.  This compensation shall be at the prevailing IATA rate provided that if a meeting on any day runs for less than 4 hours half the daily compensation will be paid for that day.
  • A member of the Steering Group may appoint an alternate, provided that such alternate shall not have the right to vote.
  • Membership shall be automatically terminated if a member fails, without adequate excuse on medical grounds, or other force majeure accepted by the Steering Group, to attend two consecutive regular meetings of the Group.
  • A quorum for any meeting is a majority of elected members.
  • Voting shall be by the majority rule of the members present at the Steering Group
  • Regular meetings of the Steering Group shall be held at least once a year on a date and at a place to be determined by the Secretariat in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman.
  • Special meetings of the Steering Group may be called at any time by the Secretary of the Group or at the request of any Steering Group member and with the concurrence of the Chairman.
  • The date and place of meetings of the Steering Group will be advised to all TC Members at the same time as advised to the Steering Group members.
  • The Steering Group shall present a report to the regular Composite meeting of Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences or other Conferences as required.
  • The Terms of Reference of the Steering Group are listed in the Attachment to this document.
  • The Secretary of the Steering Group shall provide the Agenda for each meeting at least 30 days prior to the meeting and shall include any matter referred to the Group, submitted by a member of the Group, submitted by a TC Member or any matter requiring consideration by the Group in the opinion of the Conference, the Secretary or of the Group.  The Agenda documentation will be circulated not later that 10 days prior to the meeting.  Items received after circulation of the agenda will be issued on site.  Items issued on site will be discussed only at the discretion of the Chairman and the approval of all members of the Group present.
  • No discussion may be held on specific fare levels, charges, fees or their related conditions.
  • The Agenda shall be circulated to all TC Members at the same time as circulated to the Steering Group members.  In addition to Steering Group members any TC Member may submit proposals for the Agenda.
  • The Minutes of each meeting will be circulated to the Accredited Representatives of TC Members at the same time as circulated to Steering Group members
  • The Steering Group shall have three officers:The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall hold their respective offices for two years. Subsequent to the initial election of a Chairman,  the Global Head Passenger or his designated alternate shall act as Secretary.
  • The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman shall be elected by the majority vote of the members present at the last meeting of the Group prior to the termination of the respective offices.
  • In the absence of both the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, the Global Head Passenger or his designated alternate shall be Acting Chairman of the meeting.
  • The Steering Group shall recommend to the appropriate Composite meeting of Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences the composition of the Group for the following two-year period, including the names of the Chairman and Vice Chairman. The composition of the Group shall be subject to endorsement by the Composite meeting

Terms of Reference

  • to assist the Secretariat in the development of future plans and activities
  • to represent the Conference needs of all  Member carriers
  •  to liase with other IATA Conferences either directly with the appropriate IATA Secretariat, or through their own Steering Groups
  • to review the IATA Tariff Conference new products and to assist in planning enhancements to current procedures
  • to review policy matters arising from Conferences and suggest approaches for handling such policy matters
  • to review the activities of Conference working groups and the recommendations made by such working groups prior to submission to the Conferences
  • to involve participation of industry experts in the areas of automation, tariff publication, data processing, etc., as required

Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry

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