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Work Group Calendar

​This calendar shows working groups meetings with participation open to to Strategic Partners. For information on meetings of groups with restricted membership, please contact the working group administrator directly.

September - 2018

4-5Airline Distribution StandardsTravel Partners Standards Council (TPSC)
Contact: A. Blake (standards@iata.org)
Geneva, Switzerland
5-7Ground OperationsLoad Control & Aircraft Messaging (LCAM) 33 Meeting - by invitation onlyMontreal, Canada
11-13Ground OperationsAviation Ground Services Agreements (AGSA) 51 Meeting - by invitation onlyMontreal, Canada
12New Distribution Capability Passenger Distribution Management Group Advisory Forum (PDMG AF) – by invitation - Contact: S. Harris Drake (pdmg_secretary@iata.org)New York, USA
13New Distribution Capability Passenger Distribution Management Group (PDMG) – for airlines Contact: S. Harris Drake (pdmg_secretary@iata.org)New York, USA
16 - 17Revenue AccountingIBSOPS General meeting
Contact: N. Cherry (is@iata.org)
Madrid, Spain
17-20Airline Distribution StandardsInterline Billing and Settlement Operations GM (IBS OPS GM)
Contact: A. Meydanli (standards@iata.org)
Madrid, Spain
17-20Cargo StandardsDangerous Goods Board (DGB)Dubai, UAE
17-18Industry TaxationIndustry Taxation Working Group (ITWG)Madrid, Spain
17-18Engineering & MaintenanceMaintenance Cost Task Force (MCTF)Atlanta, GA, United States
18-SIS General MeetingMadrid, Spain
18-19Cargo Operations & TechnologyDigital Cargo ConferenceGeneva, Switzerland
29-1Passenger ExperiencePassenger Experience Management Group (PEMG)Athens, Greece
30Baggage ServicesAirport Services Committee (ASC)Athens, Greece

October - 2018

1Baggage ServicesBaggage Working Group (BWG)Athens, Greece
2-4CIO CommunityInnovation Bootcamp - Global Airport and Passenger Syposium (GAPS)Athens, Greece
16-18Airline Distribution StandardsBSP Data Interchange Specifications Group (BDISG)
Contact: I. Ioannoni / A. Meydanli (standards@iata.org)
Geneva, Switzerland
23-25Airline Distribution StandardsPassenger Services Conference (PSC / JPSC)
Contact: H. Coles (standards@iata.org)
Rome, Italy
23-25Cargo StandardsDangerous Goods Training Working Groups (DGTWG)Montreal, Canada
29-2Airline Distribution StandardsResolutions Advisory Working Group (RADWG) / NDC 4 Tariffs (NDC4T)
Contact: A. Sato (standards@iata.org)
Montreal, Canada

November - 2018

5-9Airline Distribution StandardsReservations Working Group (RESWG) / Reservations XML WG (RESXML)
Contact: A. Sato (standards@iata.org)
Montreal, Canada
7-10Cabin and Inflight OperationsCabin Operations Safety Task Force (COSTF) – by invitation onlyMontreal, Canada
7-8Airline Industry EconomicsAirline Industry Economics Workshop Geneva, Switzerland
12-15Airline Distribution StandardsPADIS Messaging Week 1
Montreal, Canada
28Industry Payment Fraud PreventionIATA Fraud Prevention Strategic BriefingGeneva, Switzerland

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