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Cargo Working Groups

IATA is working with its member airlines and representatives from the whole air freight supply chain on common standards and industry initiatives. To that end, IATA drives different work groups and committees.

Cargo Advisory Council (CAC)

Cargo Procedures Conferences Management Group (CPCMG)

Cargo Services Conference (CSC)

                 e-Cargo Working Group (eCWG)
                 Cargo Messaging Working Group (CMWG)
                 Cargo Digital Connectivity Working Group (CDCWG)

  • Cargo Border Management Board (CBMB)
                 Cargo Security Working Group (CSWG)
                 Cargo Customs Working Group (CCWG)

                 Dangerous Goods Training Working Group (DGTWG)

                 Time and Temperature Working Group (TTWG)

Cargo Agency Conference (CAC)

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