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Classroom Training Schedule

Find upcoming classroom courses in a location near you.

Our entire 2014 calendar is now available online so that you can plan ahead and take advantage of our early bird discount.

Note: This calendar shows courses held at IATA Training Centers and regional partner locations. Visit the exam schedule to see upcoming distance learning exams.

Training Classroom Calendar

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August - 2014
 Sign better deals by improving your tactics and techniques. International Negotiation Skills (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
4 Aug - 8 Aug
 Systematically design, develop, implement, and evaluate training using an instructional design model. Instructional Design (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
25 Aug - 29 Aug

September - 2014
 Confidently apply instructional design principles and instructional techniques to design and deliver an IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations training program. Professional Skills for DGR Instructors - Categories 1,2,3,6 (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
1 Sep - 5 Sep
 Learn about pricing passenger air travel and interpret fare rules and restrictions with an IATA appointed instructor. Passenger Fares Workshop - Basic (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
15 Sep - 19 Sep

October - 2014
 If you’re a new airline recruit or an aviation company with airline clients, this course will bring you up to speed on key airline business practices to help you succeed in the industry. Airline Business Foundations (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
6 Oct - 10 Oct
 Apply the rules of the Prorate Manual-Passenger (PMP) and the Multilateral Proration Agreement-Passenger (MPA-P) within your organization. Passenger Proration - Fundamentals (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
13 Oct - 17 Oct
 Assess your entitlement in accordance with the Multilateral Proration Agreements-Passenger (MPA-P). Passenger Proration - Advanced (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
27 Oct - 31 Oct

November - 2014
 Knowledge and skills to pack and ship shipments containing dangerous goods as per the current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual. IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) - Shippers and Packers - Categories 1 and 2 (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
10 Nov - 14 Nov
 Understand lean management tools; focus on greater value for the customer and the elimination of waste throughout business processes. Lean - Six Sigma in Aviation (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
17 Nov - 21 Nov
Learn new techniques to manage and negotiate complex sales transactions: identifying strategic sales targets, anticipating customer responses and consultative selling techniques. Airline Sales Strategies - Advanced (Classroom, 4 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
25 Nov - 28 Nov

December - 2014
 This course will be available in 2013. Please check back soon for more information and to find scheduled sessions. Passenger Revenue Control - Initial (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
1 Dec - 5 Dec
This course provides instruction on problem solving and corrective action plan processes you can immediately apply within your organization to start making improvements to your operational performance. Root Cause Analysis (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
1 Dec - 5 Dec
 Stay up-to-date with your knowledge of the IATA/ICAO Dangerous Goods Regulations. IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) - Instructor Refresher (Classroom, 3 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
9 Dec - 11 Dec
 Threat assessment and planning techniques to help your business comply with recent changes to security regulations. Learn to apply common industry practices using hands-on simulation exercises. Air Cargo Security (Classroom, 5 days)
India, Delhi (IATA)
15 Dec - 19 Dec


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