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Classroom Training Schedule

Find upcoming classroom courses in a location near you.

Note: This schedule shows courses held at IATA Training Centers and regional partner locations. Visit the exam schedule to see upcoming distance learning exam dates and locations.

Training Classroom Calendar

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August - 2015
Gain the competencies to accept, handle and process shipments containing dangerous goods according to the current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) manual. IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) - Initial Category 6 (Classroom, 5 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
10 Aug - 14 Aug
 Learn effective techniques of managing Air Cargo Operations in order to save money, avoid risks, and enhance operations. Managing Air Cargo Operations (Classroom, 4 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
18 Aug - 21 Aug
Learn the latest customs security programs and trade facilitation measures to help you simplify your company’s cargo business processes. Customs Security and Facilitation (Classroom, 3 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
25 Aug - 27 Aug

September - 2015
 Understand aircraft de-icing standards and procedures as required by regulators, airlines, de-icing service providers and airport authorities. Aircraft De-icing Operations Management (Classroom, 3 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
8 Sep - 10 Sep
Gain the knowledge needed to bring out the best in the people you manage Managing People Performance (Classroom, 5 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
21 Sep - 25 Sep
 Learn the fundamentals for pricing journeys, interpreting constructed fares and decoding e-ticket data to provide your customers the best service possible. Passenger Fares and Ticketing - Basic (Classroom, 5 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
28 Sep - 2 Oct

October - 2015
 Review aerodrome operator obligations based on ICAO Annex 14 in order to assess your facility’s level of compliance. Learn how to recommend structural changes and improve day-to-day operations. Airport Certification and Infrastructure Standards (Classroom, 5 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
12 Oct - 16 Oct
 Manage sales, pricing, inventory and systems to capture revenue opportunities and remain competitive. Price Optimization and Revenue Management for Cargo (Classroom, 4 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
19 Oct - 22 Oct
 This hands-on course gives you a test environment to build your own document control procedures, including: process mapping, referencing and amendments. Document Control Systems (Classroom, 4 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
27 Oct - 30 Oct

November - 2015
 Understand what it takes to lead an airline to success in this dynamic learning environment! Use the latest simulation technology to manage a virtual airline through real-life business scenarios. Airline Business Models and Competitive Strategies (Classroom, 5 days) Virtual Simulation Program
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
2 Nov - 6 Nov
 Learn methods for calculating the financial performance of different routes, forecasting cost and revenue drivers, and planning for the future development of your network. Route Forecasting and Development (Classroom, 4 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
10 Nov - 13 Nov
 Develop and manage an integrated Safety Management System (SMS) tailored for cargo. Safety Management Systems for Cargo (Classroom, 5 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
16 Nov - 20 Nov
 Focus on safety in a cargo environment by properly investigating accidents and developing effective prevention programs. Cargo Accident Investigation and Prevention (Classroom, 5 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
23 Nov - 27 Nov

December - 2015
 Learn effective techniques of managing Air Cargo Operations in order to save money, avoid risks, and enhance operations. Managing Air Cargo Operations (Classroom, 4 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
8 Dec - 11 Dec
 Review the leading practices of successful airlines from both the low cost and network carrier sectors. Learn procedures to maintain a viable cost reduction program within your organization. Airline Leading Practices and Cost Reduction Strategies (Classroom, 5 days)
Netherlands, Amsterdam (IATA)
14 Dec - 18 Dec


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