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May - 2018
 Practical communication skills to manage media response in an emergency and crisis situation before the corporate media management response team takes over. Crisis Communications and Media Response for Airport and Station Managers (Classroom, 2 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
3 May - 4 May
Learn the Quality Management Systems (QMS) essentials that will help to ensure your organization is committed to complying to regulations and satisfying the customer's requirements. Quality Management Systems (QMS) Awareness (Classroom, 2 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
14 May - 15 May
 Learn how to evaluate the complex baggage handling system, from check-in to baggage claim, with the aim of maximizing efficiency and enhancing customer service. Baggage Handling Services and Systems (Classroom, 3 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
16 May - 18 May
Gain a wide range of tools and techniques to develop a strategic sales plan in a competitive air cargo industry. Cargo Sales and Key Account Management (Classroom, 4 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
22 May - 25 May
 Aprenda a aplicar el principio de la practica sobre los programas de capacitación en normativas relativas a mercancías peligrosas. Cualificaciones Profesionales para Instructores en DGR - Categorías 1, 2, 3, 6 (presencial, 5 días)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
28 May - 1 Jun

June - 2018
 Apply the rules of the Prorate Manual-Passenger (PMP) and the Multilateral Proration Agreement-Passenger (MPA-P) within your organization. Passenger Proration - Fundamentals (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
4 Jun - 8 Jun
 From minor in-flight incidents to bomb threats and hijacking situations, learn tested techniques to handle a range of passenger disturbances. Practice your response skills in a series of exercises. In-flight Security (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
11 Jun - 15 Jun
Understand the scope of NDC, how it fits in the distribution ecosystem, and the current level of adoption in the industry NDC Awareness for Airline Sales Account Managers (Classroom, 1 day)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
19 Jun - 19 Jun
Este curso le ayudará a desarrollar sus competencias como docente, al ofrecer múltiples oportunidades de valorar y de mejorar su trabajo a la hora de plantear, desarrollar y analizar un evento formativo. Curso de entrenamiento para capacitadores (presencial, 3 días)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
20 Jun - 22 Jun
 Learn the fundamentals for pricing journeys, interpreting constructed fares and decoding e-ticket data to provide your customers the best service possible. Passenger Fares and Ticketing - Basic (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
25 Jun - 29 Jun

July - 2018
 Learn key route forecasting and scheduling techniques that will help you get the best use of your aircraft resources and fleet. Network, Fleet and Schedule Planning (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
2 Jul - 6 Jul
Improve your overall understanding of the required actions and complexities involved in the transfer of airport operations or ownership from government entities to private sector investors and operators. Airport Privatization and Transfer of Ownership (Classroom, 3 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
3 Jul - 5 Jul
 Understand the concepts and processes required to design and implement a successful customer service strategy at an airline. Airline Customer Service: Strategy Design and Implementation (Classroom, 3 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
11 Jul - 13 Jul
Enhance your skills as a Unit Load Device (ULD) instructor with the latest teaching methods. ULD Train the Trainer (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
16 Jul - 20 Jul
Learn new techniques to manage and negotiate complex sales transactions: identifying strategic sales targets, anticipating customer responses and consultative selling techniques. Airline Sales Strategies - Advanced (Classroom, 4 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
24 Jul - 27 Jul

September - 2018
 Learn how to interpret special fare conditions and provide alternatives to system pricing failures so you can offer the best deals that consider the accompanying ticket restrictions. Special Fares and Ticketing - Intermediate (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
3 Sep - 7 Sep
 Build on your knowledge of SMS, examining hazard and risk management, SMS operation, safety assurance and strategic integration. Advanced Safety Management Systems (SMS) in Civil Aviation (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
10 Sep - 14 Sep
This course addresses the Performance-based Navigation PBN approval process from the perspective of the state regulator as well as the air operator. Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Operational Approvals for CAAs and Airlines (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
17 Sep - 21 Sep
Learn the requirements of the healthcare industry for an air cargo logistics service provider, to become a player in the pharmaceutical logistics market. Temperature Controlled Cargo Operations (Classroom, 3 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
26 Sep - 28 Sep

October - 2018
 Learn the essentials to manage a profitable airport: how to assess financial performance, control costs and analyze the impact of industry financial trends on airport strategy and operations. Airport Financial Management (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
1 Oct - 5 Oct
 This course provides a standard internal audit process you can immediately apply within your business to ensure compliance with common regulations and quality standards. Audit, Quality and Risk Management for Temperature Controlled Cargo (Classroom, 5 Days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
1 Oct - 5 Oct
 Social media crash course and communication best practices to develop a successful social media strategy around the latest communication channels. Airline Social Media Strategy (Classroom, 3 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
8 Oct - 10 Oct
 Gain up-to-date knowledge of the Revenue Accounting Manual (RAM) and its resolutions. Passenger Interline Accounting and Control (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
15 Oct - 19 Oct
Providing (non-finance) managers with a solid understanding of financial and accounting processes that you will encounter in your everyday work. Accounting and Finance for Non-Finance Managers (Classroom, 3 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
29 Oct - 31 Oct

November - 2018
 Marketing concepts for customer acquisition and retention, including: commercial strategy development, product management, market research techniques and distribution channels. Airline Marketing - Advanced (Classroom, 4 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
5 Nov - 8 Nov
 Strengthen your understanding of air service agreements and public and international air law. International Air Law for Lawyers and Legal Professionals (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
12 Nov - 16 Nov
Learn key strategic management tools that will help you keep your operations in line with your strategy and deliver sustainable results. Airport Strategic Management with Business Simulation (Classroom, 10 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
19 Nov - 30 Nov
 Gain a comprehensive overview of the air transportation industry plus management and presentation skills to boost your career. Air Transportation Management (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
26 Nov - 30 Nov

December - 2018
 Learn how to handle difficult customers and situations confidently, maximize each customer contact and develop loyalty. Customer Service (Classroom, 3 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
3 Dec - 5 Dec
 Assess your entitlement in accordance with the Multilateral Proration Agreements-Passenger (MPA-P). Passenger Proration - Advanced (Classroom, 5 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
10 Dec - 14 Dec
 Learn about machine-readable passports and ID cards, false documents, techniques for passenger assessment and exception handling. Passenger Assessment and Travel Document Checks (Classroom, 3 days)
Spain, Madrid (IATA)
17 Dec - 19 Dec

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