CASSLink is IATA's internet-based data processing and customer management system that facilitates interaction and exchange of information between airlines, freight forwarders and third parties participating in IATA Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS).

In order to ensure that CASSLink continues to deliver fast, secure and reliable service to all participants, IATA kicked-off the new CASSLink project, which aim is to modernize the current CASSLink platform to meet today and tomorrow’s CASS operational needs, making it more operationally efficient as well as more user-friendly.

The implementation of the renewed platform will start late 2022, subject to systems readiness.

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Scope of the project


  • User-friendly and intuitive user interface
  • A new XML-based input and output format that is IATA ONE Record compliant, and easy to connect with the users’ in-house system.
  • Global / Regional access with one click
  • Succinct dashboards and online statistics
  • Self-service functions to configure data processing, reports and user management, etc.
  • Real-time reporting and on-line dispute resolution
  • Multi-language, including Asian language
  • New tax calculation mechanism
  • Legal compliance invoice generator
  • Risk assessment tool
  • New payment options

Project timeline


New CASSLink platform development

CNS (CASS US) Go live and migration to new platform

29 August 2022
CASS Export Go live, kick off the migration Phased rollout out, starting late Nov. 2022
CASS Import Go live, kick off the migration Phased rollout out, starting Jan. 2023
Current CASSLink platform decommissioned May 2023