Applying for an IATA Diploma

Diplomas usually consist of four courses. Required courses are mandatory, and Elective courses allow you to choose from a selection of courses, all of which must be completed within three years. ​

  1. ​Complete all Required and selected Elective courses that make up the Diploma, within the allotted time frame.​​
  2. Please complete the Contact Us Form to request your diploma, and attach copies of each IATA Certificate of Completion. ​
  3. IATA Training will issue your diploma upon receipt of this proof of completion.


Contact us should you require additional assistance.

The training team is happy to assist you with this important decision. Do not hesitate to contact us for personalized guidance. Please provide information on your work experience, current job role and goals in your message so that the appropriate specialist from our training team can better assist you.

A special distinction is awarded to candidates that obtain a distinction in all, or all but one, of all exams and assignments that make up this Diploma. All the requirements are listed in the Prices & Registrations tab for each Diploma.

No, the Diploma requirements applicable at the time you applied for the Diploma will be upheld. Contact us should you have any questions or concerns about the requirements for a Diploma.

Yes. Due to the high standards of IATA courses, you can combine any IATA Classroom courses (taken at an IATA Training Center, IATA Regional Training Center or in your company) to earn a Diploma.

No, a course may only count towards a single diploma, with the exception of Required courses. Where a course is listed as an elective course in more than one diploma, this course may only count towards one diploma. This is to ensure that the student will be equipped with the widest knowledge base on the subject whilst providing flexibility to tailor the diploma towards their specific training needs.

IATA Diplomas do not provide any academic qualifications. However, as a professional institute, all of IATA’s courses and Diplomas are recognized by its Members and throughout the industry.

Check our Academic Partners programs / Diplomas to obtain academic qualifications.

Find out how you can obtain 30PDU points for courses from the IATA Diploma in Project Management, recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

​​​If you have followed all procedures to obtain your Diploma but have not received it, please contact us, indicating which courses you took and the title of the Diploma you wish to obtain. Your Diploma will be sent to you by post once this information is verified by the training team.

Customer feedback

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