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ADM Management & Reduction

Agent Debit Memo (ADM) is the legitimate accounting tool used by airlines to collect adjustments for Standard Traffic Documents (STDs) issued by Agents (Reso 850m) (pdf). In 2015, airlines have issued 2.3 million ADMs transactions for a value of US $ 579 million, incurring an estimated industry cost of US $ 150 million to manage the ADM process.

The cost incurred by the industry for the management of ADMs is extremely high. To respond to this issue, the Passenger Agency Steering Group had established a dedicated ADM Strategy Group as well as the ADM User Group (Formerly referred to as ADM Working Group) in order to support industry initiatives that would facilitate ADM reduction and improved ADM management..

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Educational video on ADM prevention in collaboration with ATPCO


The ADM Reduction Project team brought together two experts from IATA and ATPCO to talk about ADMs related to the management of exchange and refund rules. Learn about their specific tips on the three “categories” in which the airlines can instruct their policies for voluntary changes and refunds.

Training for Airlines and Agents

In a coordinated effort with IATA Training team, specific training needs have been identified to address common ticketing errors that lead to ADMs.

Training for Airlines

  • Customized training for your Airline based on your historical ADM data, to better understand pain-points causing ADMs issuing for automated fares
  • A better understanding of fare construction that will empower your staff in filing fares and accurately reflect your Airline’s intent

If you are interested in receiving a customized training portfolio based on your Airline’s ADM data, please contact us at ADMProject@iata.org

Training for Agents

  • Handpicked ticketing courses that will help your consultants enhance their knowledge on specific areas proven to be the main reason for human error and resulting in ADMs
  • If you are interested in ticketing courses that will help you prevent ADMs, please go through the below online modules and find the list of available courses at the end of each level

Online Interactive Learning Modules

Take our interactive lessons below and see how well you know the areas where common mistakes are being made!

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