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Worldwide Airport Slots

Each year, over 1.5 billion passengers - 43% of global traffic - depart from over 175 slot coordinated airports. The number of slot coordinated airports is expected to grow significantly due to a lack of expansion in airport infrastructure to cope with increasing demand.

IATA is at the forefront of ensuring a fair, neutral and transparent allocation of airport slots at the worlds’ most congested airports through the application of the Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG).

By having the same set of rules at both the departure and arrival airport, the WSG allow airlines to plan their whole network and schedule, and provide choice and connectivity to the passengers.       

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The Strategic Review of the WSG is a joint initiative of Airports Council International, IATA and Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group to ensure the improvement and optimization of the WSG, so that all stakeholders continue to benefit from one sustainable global slot process. Airlines, airport operators, and slot coordinators are fundamental partners in developing robust airport slot management policies. The review is based on the WSG principles of transparency, flexibility, sustainability, certainty, and consistency.

Objectives of the Strategic Review

  • Strengthen the principles of the WSG
  • Ensure policy and procedures remain relevant
  • Reinforce the benefits of the single global process
  • Better take advantage of new technologies

The Task Forces

  • Airport Levels - looking at enhancing Level 2 airport principles
  • Historic Determination - looking at removing ambiguity and giving certainty and transparency of the processes involved in retaining slots
  • Slot Performance Monitoring – looking at enhancing the application of performance monitoring and how the planning process can better support performance on the day
  • Access to Congested Airports – looking at the rules for access to congested airports whilst maintaining fair, transparent and equal access to all 

How can you get involved?

Participation in the Task Forces is open to anyone with appropriate expertise related to airport slots, subject to the appointment by the Management Group of the Strategic Review.  Visit the Strategic Review Fact Sheet (pdf) for more information.


To contact us, please email: wsgsr@iata.org

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