Starting June 2022, the IATA Reader for Windows application is being decommissioned.

As of June 2022, all new digital editions will be made available exclusively on the single IATA Digital Publications format (Bookshelf).

A transition period ending on December 31, 2023 is in place to allow for a smooth transition.

During the transition period, you will be able to continue using your IATA Reader publications normally.

At the end of the transition period all IATA Reader backend services will be permanently shut down. The backend shutdown will severely affect the viewing experience in the IATA Reader as all download and activation services will become unavailable. 


The current “Mobile” publications will be renamed to “Digital” publications over the course of the transition. The “Mobile” name will stop being used. This is to better reflect that all publications will be published on a single, unified platform, compatible with all popular devices and operating systems (i.e. not just for mobile devices).  

Publications for the IATA Reader are no longer being produced. All publications are now being produced exclusively on a single digital format. Visit this page to learn more about this digital format.


  • IATA Reader publications are no longer available for purchase. 
  • The only exception is the Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) Edition 32, available until the end of February 2023

When you purchase an IATA digital publication, you will receive an email with a license code that can be redeemed in the Bookshelf application. 

Before you can redeem a code you need to create a Bookshelf account.

You can redeem your license code from the Online Bookshelf, and directly in the Windows and Android applications.  

  • The IATA “Mobile” publications, now renamed “Digital publications”, are designed for the Bookshelf platform. The Bookshelf platform is third party eReader family of applications developed by VitalSource and operated by Gilmore Global. The applications are available online, on all popular devices (Android and iOS) as well as for Windows and MacOS.  
  • You may see the name “eVantage” in web pages, documentation files and URLs. eVantage is the backend of the Bookshelf ecosystem. The Bookshelf applications use the eVantage backend to maintain your library. 
  • Extra files are accessible in the Digital format (Bookshelf) either as attachments or as Toolbox links. Note that not all publications have extra files. 
  • If the extra files are provided as attachments, you will notice a paper clip (image8y3h4f.png) icon displayed on the book’s tile. Note that attachment files are only accessible from the online Bookshelf application. Click/tap the paper clip to see all attachments. If the paper clip icon is not visible the publication does not have attachments.  
  • Some publications will make extra files accessible using a Toolbox page in the ePub itself. The Toolbox page is typically the second page in the ePub (after the cover page). Toolbox files are accessible from the Bookshelf application on all platforms including online. 

The new Digital DGR publication contains a simplified Identification dynamic grid but no reporting capabilities as was available in the IATA Reader. The grid can be accessed using TOC link located at the beginning of the publication.

The new Digital publications contain simplified dynamic grids matching what was available in IATA Reader publications. The grids can be accessed using TOC links located at the beginning of the publication.

During the decommissioning transition period, the IATA Reader will continue to work normally. If you experience issues, please open a ticket using the IATA Customer service portal.

After the IATA backend is decommissioned, you can continue using your single-user license as long as you first deactivate it online.

To deactivate your single-user license online simply go to the Options Panel in the IATA Reader and deactivate it from there.

Please note that if you have lost your computer, your computer has crashed, or if a license has not been deactivated online first, your key will become unusable. IATA will not be able to provide activation support on product keys after the decommissioning date has passed.

Consider migrating to the Digital publication (Bookshelf) before the decommissioning transition period ends.

Not all older editions are available for the Bookshelf platform. Please contact IATA using the Customer Service Portal to inquire about availability and cost.

During the IATA Reader decommissioning transition period, you should be able to activate or reactivate normally. If you are experiencing issues, please open a ticket using the IATA Customer service portal.

Once the backend is decommissioned and your publication becomes deactivated, you will need to transition to the Digital publication (Bookshelf).


Agents & Resellers

IATA Accredited Cargo Agents will be provided with a Digital redeem code instead of an IATA Reader product key.  

All training course materials are available under the Digital platform (Bookshelf) already. The IATA Reader decommissioning will have no impact. For further information please contact your IATA Training Representative. 

  • As a reseller, you will be able to continue selling the new Digital license as before.
  • The Enterprise Library, because of its contractual nature, cannot be sold through reseller channels.

Floating License

The IATA Reader and floating license server will continue working normally during the decommissioning transition period.

Once the IATA backend is decommissioned, your floating license can continue to be used as long as it is deactivated and reactivated online through the license server. If a license is not deactivated online first, your license server will no longer be able to run. IATA will not be able to provide activation support on product keys after the decommissioning date has passed.

Consider migrating to the Enterprise Library before the decommissioning transition period ends. The Enterprise Library is a simpler and flexible platform for sharing IATA publications across your organization.