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What is the effect of COVID-19 on special cargotransportation? 2 June 2020, 13.30-14:30 CET  - REGISTER NOW
How do you manage the movement of special cargo like perishables, pharmaceuticals or dangerous goods during a crisis? During this webinar, our experts will provide insights into the challenge of managing special cargo operations while ensuring safety and product integrity in this rapidly evolving situation.  

Passenger Liability Implications & Mitigation during COVID19: 10 June, 2.00 pm BST - REGISTER NOW
This webinar will consider the potential liability of airlines to passengers under the Montreal and Warsaw Conventions COVID-19 infection onboard aircraft and while passengers are in airports. It will consider mitigation that might be taken in respect of any such liability, including a review of relevant ICAO and WHO Regulations, and IATA guidelines and practices; and will address the relevance/use of the US doctrine of federal pre-emption in this context. 

Exploring the new air cargo industry blueprint: 16 June 2020, 13.30-14:30 CETREGISTER NOW 
The COVID-19 crisis is showing just how valuable air cargo and supply chains are. Equally, it has shown how fragile supply chains can be. Listen to expert insights on what emerging from the crisis looks like and what an industry blueprint could look like. We will cover topics from digitalization, emerging technology, and new business processes. 

Recorded webinars

Risk & Insurance Implications For Employers And For Remote Operations (14th May, 2pm BST) WATCH WEBINAR

This webinar will consider employers liability / workers compensation issues for flight crew and ground staff arising out of Covid-19 flight restrictions and groundings. It will also address the massive shift to remote working that it has led and consider potential employment law, data, privacy and cyber risks which may potentially arise from it.

IATA One ID: A vision for an end-to-end biometric passenger journey - WATCH ON DEMAND

This two-part webinar series will provide an introductory overview of IATA’s One ID process and the requirements, address the benefits and challenges of implementation from a multi-stakeholder viewpoint, and unpack some of the significant implementations we see in operation today.

The Risks Of (Near) Insolvency For Airline Directors And Officers (May 2020) WATCH WEBINAR

This webinar will provide an overview of the obligations and liabilities of directors with regards to insolvency. It will outline historical airline failures and the criminal investigations and civil claims that follow, and consider the expectations of aviation regulators in respect of directors and senior management and their powers. We will also discuss directors and officers insurance issues: assured parties, insuring against 3rd party claims and regulatory investigations, insolvency regimes, liquidations, duties to creditors, wrongful and fraudulent trading, investor claims; and the powers and claims of administrators, liquidators and receivers.

Transport of cargo and mail on aircraft configured for the carriage of passengers (May 2020) WATCH WEBINAR

The outbreak of COVID-19 has moved airlines to use passenger aircraft to load cargo in the passenger cabin. This webinar provides insights on the current regulatory requirements, risk assessment and guidance for operational best practices.

You can download the guidelines developed by IATA regarding the transport of cargo on aircraft configured for the carriage of passengers by clicking here

COVID-19 Keeping air cargo flying (April 2020) WATCH WEBINAR

Over 1600 connected to the first IATA Cargo Webinar about “keeping air cargo flying” during these extraordinary times. As Alexandre de Juniac stated, “this is an unprecedented crisis, but stay strong. We will get through this together and keep the world connected.” Cargo is critical during this crisis to keep global supply chains moving, including the transport of medical and other essential supplies that are needed across the world by health care systems to respond to the pandemic.

Long-term storage of Ground Support Equipment (April 2020) WATCH WEBINAR

The steep decline in air traffic likely meant an urgent need to lay up a large portion of the ground support equipment (GSE) fleet at short notice. To further help our industry in these critical times, this webinar provides insights on the GSE parking and storage and exchanges lessons learned.

Racing Against the Clock: Responding to a 24-Hour Stream of Crises (November 2019)  - WATCH ON DEMAND

Hear crisis management experts from the industry share their experiences and best practices in this 1 hour webinar, which took place on November 29th. 


Get a primer on the NEXTT vision with recorded webinars available for viewing at any time.

Avoiding Chargeback Turbulence: Your Ticket to First Class Chargeback Management - WATCH ON DEMAND

Make chargebacks a thing of the past. Watch this special webinar and claim your ticket to a chargeback-free future.  


Beyond NDC: The Next Frontier of Personalized Travel  (September 2019) - WATCH ON DEMAND

In this webinar you will discover the next frontier on the horizon: an end-to-end retailing ecosystem.

Operating Leases - the hidden costs and pitfalls to avoid. What to do? (November 2019) - WATCH ON DEMAND

In this session IBA’s Peter Walter and Guljar Lehri look at how airlines can manage their operating leases to avoid millions of dollars of unwanted and hidden cost. This webinar is provided by Airlines. Magazine.

Advancing Aviation Safety with Technology (2019) - WATCH ON DEMAND

Join us for our live webinar in which we will examine safety systems that aid pilots' situational awareness, navigation and communication, and further improve fuel efficiency and reduce direct operating costs. This webinar is provided by Airlines. Magazine.

Racing Against the Clock: Responding to a 24-Hour Stream of Crises (November 2018) - WATCH ON DEMAND

Join Ross Feinstein, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at American Airlines, for a webinar in which he will discuss a series of real-life crises he recently faced in just one day at the office. This webinar is provided by Airlines. Magazine.

Avoiding Chargeback Turbulence: Your Ticket to First Class Chargeback Management (October 2018) -WATCH ON DEMAND

Make chargebacks a thing of the past. Sign up to attend this special webinar, and claim your ticket to a chargeback-free future. This webinar is provided by Airlines. Magazine.

Airline Cargo: When Emotions Come into Play (July 2018) - WATCH ON DEMAND

In this webinar, audiences will learn how they can offer their passengers hassle-free booking of pet shipments, assured pet safety and transparency in shipment and stress-free customer experience. This webinar is provided by Airlines. Magazine.

Turning Fraud Management From Pain Point to Growth Engine for Online Travel Merchants (May 2018) - WATCH ON DEMAND

In this IATA webinar, presented in partnership with Riskified, discover the hidden costs of ecommerce fraud on profit margins in the travel industry, how to leverage machine-learning to discover and mitigate sophisticated fraud before it can have a negative impact on operations and how travel merchants can shift chargeback liability away from their business to help protect their revenue. This webinar is provided by Airlines. Magazine.

Airlines face chargeback challenges (January 2018) - WATCH ON DEMAND

Industry experts discuss hurdles airlines face and how they can be overcome. This webinar is provided by Airlines. Magazine.