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19 October 2022

On Demand Webinar: Market outlook and regulation changes | Dangerous goods transported by air

IATA works closely with its member airlines and representatives from key entities in the air cargo supply chain, including freight forwarders and ground service providers to develop and implement common standards that support the safe, secure and efficient transport of air cargo globally. As dangerous goods market trends change, shipping guidelines improve, transport volume increases, and safety guidelines are updated it’s crucial to have the most up-to-date regulations. Register for the webinar below to learn how to stay informed on the 2023 Dangerous Goods regulations.

How to keep up with the trends highlighted in the webinar?

In order to keep up with the trends and comply with the latest regulations, you should follow the IATA dangerous goods manuals. By following the guidance in these manuals, you can rest assured that you comply with the latest standards and best practices in the transport of dangerous goods by air.

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