Safe and efficient ground operations is essential to airline operations. We are pursuing a number of projects in this field with the assistance of our ground handling partners.

The Ground Operations agenda​

The IATA Ground Operations objectives focus on four pillars:

  • Reduction of ground damage, injury and operational incidents through standardized processes and training
  • Operational efficiency and quality service delivery through the innovation and technology
  • Open, effective market
  • Sustainability

This ambitious agenda is led by the Ground Operations Group (GOG) with support of the Ground Operations Technical Groups formed of ground handlers, airlines and other industry stakeholders.

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Two IATA yearly events cater for ground handlers: 

Safety - #1 priority

The IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO)

ISAGO is a safety audit standards designed in a way that makes it applicable consistently to multinational ground handlers, as well as to smaller companies providing services at a single station.

Join the IATA Ground Handling Partnership (GHP)

The IATA Ground Handling Partnership is a forum of ground handling professionals who can influence the future of the industry by developing standards and solutions.

Cargo special

Cargo handling is performed at thousands of airports all over the world by hundreds of companies, big and small. IATA actively drives the development of ground handling operations standards, best-practice processes and procedures and promotes global consistency and harmonization.:

The IATA Cargo Handling Consultative Council (ICHC) - formerly COAG, closely collaborates and provides updates to the Ground Operations Group (GOG). ICHC's objective is to develop best-practices to address all aspects of cargo acceptance and handling.

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