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Follow the journey of a piece of cargo

Cargo Operations is performed by hundreds of handlers at thousands of airports around the world. Providing clear guidance on the processes required, following the industry endorsed Master Operating Plan (MOP) is key for a seamless operation and handling.


Cargo operations is the pivot of the air cargo supply chain and our vision is to drive a safe, efficient and customer-focused operations for the air cargo industry.

  • Efficiency in warehouse processes
  • Guidance for acceptance and handling
  • Ensuring ULDs are handled safely as aircraft part
  • Providing recommendations for building cargo facilities
  • Bringing transparency of capabilities for a better customer experience

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Are you a freight forwarder looking to simplify interactions with airlines? 

The IATA Cargo Agency Program enables any company involved in international air freight to simplify their interaction with airlines and smooth the way for growth. Two services, designed to meet the needs of your business, streamline your financial operations. 

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