Visibility on aviation capabilities & infrastructure

IATA ONE Source is the online industry platform for validated aviation capability and infrastructure information. Find the right business partner for your needs, from specific requirements such as temperature-controlled rooms to IATA certifications. Part of the IATA Smart Facility program, ONE Source makes it easier for you to find the right services where you need them.

Access to ONE Source is publicly available and aviation service providers can now create their station profiles for free. The platform creates transparency and visibility for the available service offers anywhere in the globe and enables objective comparisons between capabilities.

ONE Source lists aviation service stations for airlines, airports, cargo handling facilities, freight forwarders, ground handlers, shippers, and trucking companies. You can easily find the best service provider for your requirements, in the right location, and with the proper certification.

For aviation services companies, ONE Source offers the possibility to attract new customers by creating a free profile. Stand out from your competitors and highlight your facility's capacities and IATA certifications and accreditations.

For all aviation service providers

  • Visibility, raising the facility profile on the global market
  • Improved matchmaking, attracting new customers
  • Single source of up-to-date certification and infrastructure data
  • Streamlined information per station types allows for direct capability comparison

For airlines and freight forwarders

  • More visibility on your partner facilities’ capabilities & infrastructure
  • Increased audit efficiency by complement risk analysis data for a more accurate evaluation of auditing needs
  • ONE Source API providing a direct data feed to your company systems 
  • Reduced audit complexity, focused on Unique Selling Points and security aspects

All the business-critical information contained on ONE Source has been verified through the different IATA validation programs. It guarantees that the data is accurate, enabling you to make better decisions for your business.

ONE Source allows station managers to keep track of their existing IATA Certifications. They will receive automatic notifications for upcoming expiries, and will have the possibility to easily book re-certification audits.

Currently, the following IATA certifications are featured on ONE Source:

IATA Certifications of Excellence

IATA Certifications of Compliance

Smart Facility Remote Validation

The Smart Facility Remote Validation assesses the equipment and infrastructure of a facility in a fast and easy way. It makes it easier for cargo handling facilities to improve or update their ONE Source profile quickly. You only need to fill an online questionnaire and upload the documents to confirm that the information is accurate. Read the SF Remote Validation factsheet (pdf) for more information.