IATA’s mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry. Membership of IATA amounts to some 290 airlines in 120 countries. On this page, you will find a selection of critical IATA programs, policies, and services to support airlines.

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Safety our # 1 priority

IATA remains committed to Safety as its #1 priority and is focused on enhancing aviation’s reputation as the world’s safest form of transport. We continuously monitor changes to the aviation system to identify new hazards and safety risks, in order to develop tools and guidance supporting the industry in maintaining its strong focus on safety. For more information visit IATA Safety.  

In order to keep airlines informed about important safety and flight operations developments, we publish Operational Notices throughout the year.

The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. All IATA members are IOSA registered and must remain registered to maintain IATA membership. 

The Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) program consists of three flagship data sharing platforms: Accident Data Exchange (ADX), Flight Data Exchange (FDX) and Incident Data Exchange (IDX).  These platforms are available to the aviation industry and are key in enhancing and consolidating the Safety and Security Management Systems of our members.


We run intensive lobbying campaigns to support many aspects of airline operations. Major policy initiatives include: passenger rights, emissions trading, security, aviation charges, airport slots, the benefits of aviation.

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Building a greener future

IATA is working with airlines and other industry partners to advance the environmental sustainability of air transport. We support airlines through the:

  • Developing best practices on environment and corporate social responsibility
  • Advocacy to policy makers to ensure coherent and effective policies are in place
  • Promotion of sustainable aviation fuels and technology innovation
  • Systems and programs to improve sustainability performance and facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements

See our environment pages for more information.

Cargo: facilitating world trade

Several programs promote greater efficiency in the air cargo supply chain:

More on Cargo

Future of Airline Distribution and Payment

Three major programs are transforming the travel distribution and payment.

  • New Distribution Capability (NDC) enables carriers to differentiate products & services through all distribution channels
  • ONE order will modernize the order management process
  • NewGen ISS will facilitate the distribution and settlement of funds between travel agents and airlines

Operational Efficiency & Cost Management

The Operational Efficiency & Cost Management (OECM) program helps identifying saving potentials while improving operational efficiency in four major areas of operations:

  • Flight operations
  • Technical operations
  • Ground operations
  • Operations Control Center

Our GO-teams perform onsite assessments to improve efficiency and identify operational cost reduction potential. They also support you during the implementation of our recommendations.

More on the Operational Efficiency & Cost Management (OECM)

Fuel efficiency

Operational improvements in fuel management could provide a 6% overall fuel saving. See how our consulting teams can help you to improve your fuel efficiency program development and implementation.

We have a number of publications to help you manage fuel. See the Ops & Infrastructure section of our Standards, manuals & guidelines page.

More on Fuel efficiency

Airline consulting

Develop more efficiency in this increasingly competitive environment, we can help you with expert consulting services in all your operations.

See how far our airline consulting experts can support you.


We can supply a wide array of data to help you run your operations, benchmark your competitors and understand the markets.


Our Chief Economist's team regularly compiles essential analysis covering a wide scope of air transport economics.

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Passenger special

Business Intelligence

You will find essential business intelligence in these publications:

More Business Intelligence & Statistics services

Cargo special


We offer a wide range of financial products to protect airlines' money, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Settlement services

Have a read at our Airline Service Charter (online), outlining services rendered and commitments to be expected by airlines from IATA.

More financial services for airlines

Payment, Cash management, Funds Management Services

  • IATA Currency Clearance Service (ICCS): Cash management - Centralized control of funds - Quick repatriation of funds.
  • IATA Financial Gateway (IFG): An omnichannel payment solution that also helps airlines create the necessary files for reporting of their travel agent direct sales into the BSP Systems for processing and settlement

More financial services for airlines

Card Services 

  • IATA Perseuss: Card fraud prevention - Early detection - Data exchange within user community

Main publications for airlines

All Publications

Essential cargo publications

The 2022 IATA Manuals include over 350 updates. The manuals are published annually to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations, trends and best practices. In order to comply with the new regulations and to sustain the safe and efficient transport of air cargo, you should be using the latest editions. Learn more

IATA provides aviation training to thousands of professionals each year, helping to build careers and ensure sustainability throughout the industry. Our extensive selection of airline courses and diploma programs cover all critical areas of the airline business, including passenger and cargo operations, business development, safety and security.

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