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Today, customers want personalization, efficiency, and seamless experience on any channel. Modern Airline Retailing, supported by the implementation of NDC, ONE Order, and related standards, can achieve this and move airline distribution away from legacy artifacts and into the future. This is what the transition to 100% Offers and Orders is all about.

The journey is well underway, but there is more to be achieved.

Watch our end-of-year (2023) update on the status of the journey. 

This web page offers a comprehensive overview of the IATA standards and programs enabling value creation through modern retailing. Useful information and resources are also made available to support organizations across the value chain in planning their transition - from strategy to initiation and implementation.

A World of Offers and Orders

Explore the IATA standards supporting the implementation of capabilities that drive the industry transition to Modern Airline Retailing:

Airline Retailing Knowledge Hub

Your one-stop-shop for useful guidance and resources that support your organization in planning this transition.

Explore the below sections and find the information you need - from factsheets and guidance through to practical tools, implementation case studies and thought leadership.

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Discover the IATA Advisory Councils and Groups that provide the Strategic Industry Governance supporting the industry transition to Modern Airline Retailing:

  • The Distribution Advisory Council (DAC) acts as advisor to the IATA Board of Governors and works closely with IATA management on all matters referred to it by the Director General and related to industry distribution.
  • The Digital Transformation Advisory Council (DTAC) acts as advisor to the IATA Board of Governors and works closely with IATA management on all matters referred to it by the Director General and related to industry transformation and aviation industry data.
  • The Industry Financial Advisory Council acts as advisor to the IATA Board of Governors, the Director General, other Advisory Councils, IATA management and other relevant IATA bodies on matters concerning industry financial services and standards, and related policy aspects.

IATA also engages with key corporations and travel management companies in the business travel arena with the objective to gather feedback and inputs into the transformational journey to Modern Airline Retailing:

  • The Travel Manager Advisory Group (TMAG) comprises corporate travel managers and procurement professionals from key corporations in Europe and North America. It was formed by IATA to act as a constructive critical voice and provide consultation on NDC and related initiatives.
  • The Global Travel Management Executive Council (GTEC) comprises senior executives from leading global multinational and local Travel Management Companies (TMC) in the international travel agency ecosystem. It was established by IATA with the objective to act at a strategic level as an executive and visionary council that provides a constructive critical voice on NDC and all other TMC-related initiatives.

Tech Tools


Thought Leadership


  • Business Case and Decision Drivers - Learnings from the Leaders: developed as a sequel to the April 2023 release "Modern Airline Retailing - A Business Case", the document expands on particular aspects of the business case content, while also providing insights into how to engage senior management.  
  • IT Provider Readiness and Airline Transition Pathways: the latest output of the Airline Retailing Consortium's work presents the findings of extensive research with 15 IT Providers, assessing their commitment and readiness to roll out a new generation of solutions, as well as timeframes to transition to 100% Offers and Orders.  
  • Modern Airline Retailing - A Business Case: the paper focuses on the next phase of the industry journey to Modern Airline Retailing, that entails a significant transformation of the IT infrastructure and underlying processes, in order to enable airlines to fully retail their products without constraints. It summarizes findings from the Airline Retailing Consortium - a group of airlines that was formed under the IATA umbrella in August 2022. (IATA - Consortium, 2023) 
  • Servicing in NDC - Where are you?: The NDC schema makes streamlined and automated servicing possible, with the potential to deliver a better experience than what is possible via traditional EDIFACT distribution. Yet, there are legacy constraints that block some servicing capabilities,and having a value chain conversation can help to iron out implementation challenges of servicing. (IATA, 2023)


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Airline Retailing in Action

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Possible next steps to consider are:

  • Define your strategic objectives in Distribution & Payment
  • Determine your approach to channel & content management, as well as product development
  • Develop a business case for short and long-term value and required investment
  • Establish an actionable roadmap and engage your trade, sales, and channel partners
  • Understand the implications for your organization, talent, culture, and new ways of working

For a quick summary of practical deployment recommendations and information, aligned to your type of business (i.e., Airlines, Sellers, Corporate Buyers, Developers), we invite you to visit the Get Started with Airline Retailing section of our website.

The IATA SMEs and Regional Offices are also here to support you with your planning and actual journey towards Modern Airline Retailing.

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