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15 July 2022

Case Studies : Solving issues in the baggage handling chain

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments are lifting travel restrictions and traffic volumes are recovering as passengers regain confidence in air travel. With higher traffic volumes comes increased baggage loads, more long-haul flights, and therefore more transfer baggage.

According to the SITA 2021 Baggage IT Insights, the number of mishandled baggage was 4.35 per one thousand passengers in 2021. This represnts a significant increase of 24.3% from the previous year. To keep up with these changes, it is essential for airlines and their stakeholders to adopt practical and efficient measures to reduce the costs associated with mishandled bags.

How did our partners solve issues in their baggage chains?


Our partners share their stories on how they improved their baggage operations, reduced their costs and improved as well as enhanced their customer experience:

  • South African Airways: Working with Star Alliance
  • Star Alliance: Priority Baggage Monitoring and Seamless Hub Connection Center
  • SKY ASSIST: The Benefits of a Simplified Interface
  • Ultra Electronics: Working with the Airline Community in South Africa and Baggage Segregation

How the Baggage Reference Manual (BRM) can help your organization?

The Baggage Reference Manual (BRM) a general reference document for everyone involved with baggage activities or who require a better understanding of the big picture of baggage operations and baggage policy. The BRM contains the latest best practices in baggage operations and policy. By applying these baggage operations will help to reduce in the number of mishandled bags and related costs as well as increase customer satisfaction in baggage handling.


For more information visit: Baggage Reference Manual (BRM)

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