Ideal for any organization that works tirelessly to make flying the safest form of travel. IATA’s Safety and Operations data and insights solutions are designed to support a safe, secure, efficient, and economical air transport industry that is environmentally sustainable. 

  • Manage, measure and continuously improve your organization's aviation safety operations and culture.
  • Benchmark your operational safety performance.
  • Keep passengers and crew safe, and fuel costs down.
  • Gain greater transparency of the surplus aftermarket for aircraft parts.

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Enhance aviation safety with standard safety performance indicators (SPI) drawn from industry data.

IATA Turbulence Aware

Turbulence Aware
Access accurate, objective, aircraft-generated live turbulence data to ensure flight safety. 

Strengthen your fuel efficiency analyses with metrics and benchmarks from across the industry.


Integrated Management Solutions (IMX)
Manage all your quality and aviation safety data and processes effectively, on a single software platform.


IATA - Aviation Safety Culture Survey

Aviation Safety Culture Survey (I-ASC)
Measure, benchmark and continuously improve your organization’s aviation safety culture.

IATA Flight Data Exchange

Flight Data Exchange (FDX)
Benchmark and improve safety and operational performance using flight data based on industry KPIs.

IATA Incident Report Exchange

Incident Data Exchange (IDX)
Global database of incident reports for the improvement of safety guidelines and performance.

Aircraft Maintenance Cost Data eXchange
Determine the cost of fleet maintenance and make informed introduction and expansion decisions.