Strengthen your fuel efficiency analyses with reliable industry data and insight

Improving fuel efficiency, whether at your airline or of the aircraft or components you design and bring to market, requires good data. Industry-wide data helps you understand how you’re performing, and make the case for new approaches. Real data, based on actual operations rather than projections and models, ensures you’re acting on the right information.

IATA FuelIS is a fuel efficiency intelligence solution, built by industry experts and drawing on a vast pool of real data. With ready-made analytics, and the ability to zoom in geographically and by fleet type, you can take your analyses to the next level and obtain illuminating insight.

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Pinpoint the right fuel efficiency actions

IATA FuelIS enables you to enhance your analyses and better target and support your actions:

  • Target best-in-class fuel efficiency – FuelIS provides airlines with the data and analytics to fully assess overall fuel efficiency performance, as well as obtain buy-in for best-practice-based fuel savings initiatives.
  • Drive better product development decisions – FuelIS enables aviation stakeholders to measure the fuel efficiency of the entire industry, and obtain insights on specific markets, regions, countries, and fleet types, based on actual operations.

Get a full picture

With IATA FuelIS, you can better design and implement fuel savings initiatives that align with industry best practices.

  • Understand how you’re performing – FuelIS enables you to understand how best to measure fuel efficiency, and how fuel efficient your airline really is.
  • Quantify potential fuel savings – FuelIS shows you how much more fuel efficient you could be, and what airports or routes warrant analyzing in more detail.
  • Convince decision-makers to pursue new approaches – The FuelIS dashboard presents analytics you can draw on to illustrate your business cases and show the impact on the business.

Rely on the accuracy of our data

IATA FuelIS industry data is captured from actual operations, not statistical models. Our benchmarks are averages from the operations of more than 215 contributing airlines around the world. The FuelIS dashboard shows:

  • Standard fuel efficiency metrics
    • Fuel Burn per Operational Tonne-Kilometer (OTK)
    • Actual Landing Fuel
  • Fuel Burn per OTK benchmarks
    • All operators in a selected region
    • All departures in a selected region
    • Haul type
    • Aircraft type
  • Efficiency benchmarks
    • Industry
    • Region
  • Filters
    • View with data on Fuel Burn per OTK and Actual Landing Fuel
    • View correlations between metrics
    • Break metrics down by region and airport

Strengthen your fuel efficiency analyses with IATA insight today

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