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White Paper: Creating a positive safety culture

The first amendment to ICAO Annex 19 recommends the development of a positive safety culture to support the safety management systems that is now compulsory across the industry. This recommendation has many implications for the Safety Manager, whatever your organization. Our white paper aims to share some best practices to help you align with Annex 19's new recommendations.

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Improving Aviation Safety

A positive safety culture is a prerequisite for a successful and effective Safety Management System (SMS) implementation.

Developed by IATA, the I-ASC Survey is a solution aimed at addressing the industry’s need to measure and continuously improve safety culture, using a standardized methodology and key performance indicators. With I-ASC, airlines can also benchmark their safety culture against their peers across the industry using comparable KPIs.

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Key features

The survey consists of 60 questions, which are in alignment with the four pillars of ICAO’s SMS framework and relevant IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs).

I-ASC measures five key elements of the “James Reason” Safety Culture model:

  • Informed culture
  • Reporting culture
  • Learning culture
  • Just culture
  • Flexible culture

I-ASC also includes a communication plan to help you roll out the survey to your employees.

In addition to standard features, the survey can be customized for the specific needs of your airline. Survey results can be further analyzed by hierarchy, years of service, geography, operational sections, etc. The operational sections are aligned with IOSA, to facilitate links with audit findings and comparability across the industry.

Key benefits

  • Support your compliance with SMS and audit requirements
  • Improve employee safety awareness
  • Increase employee engagement and adherence to safety procedures
  • Perform analysis and measure your safety culture using comparable KPIs
  • Identify safety culture gaps and address them proactive
  • Benchmark against your past performance to demonstrate safety culture improvement
  • Determine whether your safety culture issues are shared by the industry on multiple levels: country, region, alliance and world-wide

I-ASC facilitates an effective SMS and contributes to achieving improved safety performance.

If you are already performing your own internal safety culture survey, I-ASC will not only help you save time and resources - you will also access expert analysis of results that you can benchmark to the industry. IATA can facilitate further in-depth analysis, including the identification of behavioural factors, and help with defining an action plan to address any gaps identified by the survey.


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