No matter which way you choose to access Timatic -online, API or integrated with your DCS - you get the most accurate data on the market.

Every year, airline employees and ground handlers use Timatic to check the travel documents of over 700 million passengers. Travel agents of all sizes use the tool to make sure their customers arrive at the airport with a valid travel, visa and health documents.

Timatic instantly provides you with all the information you need to ensure your customers are ready to fly, no matter where in the world your customer is flying, what their citizenship is or how often the rules change.

In addition, Timatic users consistently report significant reductions in non-compliance fines and time spent handling customer complaints.

Timatic is always correct – American Airlines

Data you can trust! No rumours. No social media. Just the facts.

  • IATA immigration experts working around the clock
  • Each update is validated by an official independent source
  • Up to 200 daily rule changes
  • Updates done in real-time
  • Accessible within seconds around the globe

When you use Timatic, you get information sourced from over 2,000 government and airline officials all over the world. Our team of experts verify conflicting reports and make updates only when full accuracy can be confirmed.

Learn how and where IATA collects the latest travel regulations in Timatic.

Use Timatic as part of your business

Timatic for booking Timatic for Check-in
  • Eliminate visa and other surprises for your customers at the airport
  • Build customer trust and get more repeat business
  • Easy for staff and the public to use


  • Validate passengers quickly and accurately
  • Make go/no go decisions with confidence
  • Significantly reduce risk of fines and non-compliance


Help improve Timatic

If you are a government official or an airline station manager, please consider joining the IATA Compliance  Requirements Network. Better information means a better travel experience.

Timatic for COVID-19

The rules for COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, entry forms and quarantine are changing constantly. Use the Timatic Widget and help your customers stay in control of their journey from planning to arrival.