COVID-19 has been enormously challenging for the travel industry. Regulations change with very little notice, conflicting information is common and updates often make things even more confusing.

The Timatic Widget cuts through all that noise.


This demo is limited to only 10 countries. Please contact us to see the full version and to get a quote.



The most accurate COVID-19 travel information

Never check a government website again! The Timatic Widget is powered by human-validated data, meaning our team checks each update manually with our network of official sources to make sure the information is correct. Learn more

Easy to use

The widget is intended to be customer-facing. It’s intuitive and presents the passenger travel document requirements in a format that is easy to understand.

Boosts conversions

Offering such reliable information on your own site builds trust, reduces customer friction, increases time on-site and return visits, all important factors in improving your conversion rate.

What our customers say

“Reliable, quick, efficient and it’s always correct”

– Rodney Langstone, American Airlines

IT Requirements

The Timatic Widget is pre-built so that it can easily be placed onto any webpage.  You can also select your style so that it can fit your existing webpages and branding.

If you do not have an IT department or access to a developer, our team can help you embed the widget.

After signing-up, you can launch the solution on your webpage in as little as a few hours.